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MPAA calls 2 year sentence for Dark Knight cammer "appropriate"

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 22 Feb 2010 10:13 User comments (17)

MPAA calls 2 year sentence for Dark Knight cammer "appropriate" A man arrested for recording 2008's mega-hit movie The Dark Knight has been sentenced to 2 years in prison and ordered to pay nearly $25,000 in restitution.
The sentence isn't exactly surprising. Recording movies in a theater has been a federal felony in the US since 2005, when the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act was passed.

What's much more interesting in this case is the MPAA's official statement on the sentence (PDF). They're calling it "an appropriate sentence for a very serious crime." And the reason given? It's because "The theft of films by camcording is a serious threat to the health of the motion picture industry."

Perhaps this case isn't the best one for making those sorts of arguments. Despite widespread availability of the movie through P2P networks, The Dark Knight was the top grossing movie in the US for all of 2008 by a wide margin.

With more than half a billion dollars in box office receipts, it beat the number two movie, Iron Man, by more than $200 million according to the MPAA's own figures (PDF). In fact despite slightly lower theater attendance for the year, The Dark Knight eventually became the fifth highest grossing movie of all time.

It was also the top selling movie on iTunes for 2008, even though it hadn't been released yet and could only be pre-ordered.

That's in addition to smashing records for Blu-ray sales. There were 600,000 Blu-ray copies of The Dark Knight sold the day of its release, and nearly 2 million in the first week.

Is the MPAA really arguing that it would have made more money if low quality copies hadn't been available on the internet? Or are they just sticking to their ludicrous claim of stopping unauthorized copies from reaching the internet in the first place?

It's hard to see what harm was done that justifies taking away two years of a man's life.

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17 user comments

122.2.2010 12:13

Personally, it's better to just not get caught at all...saves time and money. - BLUEBOY

222.2.2010 13:04

jail for a cammer and freedom for torturers... what a sad world we live in...

322.2.2010 13:40

In UK lots of Millionaires pay no tax now thays what i call a crime
sad world is the understatement of the century !!!!!

422.2.2010 13:41

He would have been better off stealing a handbag instead.

522.2.2010 14:18

Providing everything plays out in your favor you can get less time (12 to 18 months) for involuntary manslaughter...

622.2.2010 14:18

Type your comments here
I have a multi part comment here.
1. Good,they have to make room for on the streets for all the Pedophiles,rapists and violent criminals who are routinely given probation.

2.My advice to him is to learn how to rob,steal and defraud from the pro's you'll be sharing the next 2 years of your life with. That way when you get out you can commit the crimes that you get probation for if caught.

After all if this guy respected the laws and was a moral citizen he will def be nice and jaded after this experience.
And for the ones who are going to rant about the evils of piracy let me say take your head out of where it currently is and do some real research on the matter. Nobody who sells pirated movies "steals " anything. What photons from the projector at the movies..hardly. And they actually pump a lot of money into the economy through the purchase of disks ink cases etc. Nobody in the film industry was in the soup line last time I checked. And with the unemployment rate what it is I say kudos to anyone who can earn a buck without pushing drugs,robbing,stealing or defrauding. This sentence is w/o question 100 times worse of a crime then what this gentlemen did. I guarantee not 1 person who bought a camera version of this or any other movie decides Hey why buy the dvd I have that sweet camera version at home with people talking and coughing and babies crying andthe camera angle tilted 20 degrees and people walking in front of the screen etc etc. that will do,yeah nevermind the picture is so dark you can only make out the eyeballs and teeth 90% of the time.

Shame on the MPAA and ANYONE who gets in bed with them.

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722.2.2010 14:24

After reading all the other comments I am happy as hell to see that this sight isn't full of all the high and mighty comments I have seen in the past. I hadn't read any of them until after I already commented and was preparing myself to become upset after I did ......relieved to see so many others on the same page about this.

822.2.2010 15:07

after two years of being raped and abused in the federal prison system (I've seen shawshank (legaly, it was on tv, honest)) will the crimes this man commits after release be as harmless to the general public as camming a movie ?

922.2.2010 15:29

I'm sure the MAFIAA would ask for the death penalty if it were possible... Greedy sons of bitches.

1022.2.2010 16:58

Originally posted by ivymike:
I'm sure the MAFIAA would ask for the death penalty if it were possible... Greedy sons of bitches.
Hey the Mafia are good people don't compare them to the MPAA...

1122.2.2010 18:03

I'm referring to the Music And Film Industry Associations in America (sic)

1222.2.2010 18:18

Originally posted by malcarada:
He would have been better off stealing a handbag instead.

Isn't that the sad truth lol. 2 yrs in gaol ? What a crazy little world we live in.

1323.2.2010 3:27

Originally posted by malcarada:
He would have been better off stealing a handbag instead.
ROFL!!! Good one. It seems like no one understood your joke. How do THEY know I wouldn't steal a handbag??? o_0

1423.2.2010 5:57

well as the trailer says "You wouldn't steal a handbag , would you " ( unless you had transvestite tendencies which I doubt :)

1525.2.2010 9:26

That is complete BS. I just attended a state government legislature meeting where they were talking about how many crimes have been made to be "felonies" in recent years. It's a LOT, and is causing our prison population to boom. There is no doubt one of the big reasons for this is that politicians want to be seen as "tough on crime", but also, it's because of the big money that corporate organizations like the MPAA donate huge $$$ to politicians in order to garner favor. Corporate donations should be illegal. Corporations are not citizens. They should not have a say when it comes to the welfare of regular, working people.

1625.2.2010 14:53

Originally posted by ivymike:
I'm sure the MAFIAA would ask for the death penalty if it were possible... Greedy sons of bitches.

No, they wouldn't ask for the death penalty. There's no profit in them for killing a potential pirate who could be converted into a customer. :)

1727.2.2010 20:50

That does it I'm patenting and copyrighting my DNA profile. That way I can sue the pants off any bastard that tries to sequence it or clone me or record my profile. And while I'm at it ill do the same with my likeness so no one can take my picture without my permission...after all aren't I my own INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY? Take my picture and you are going to jail!!!!!!!!!!!!

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