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Palm releases webOS 1.4 for first wave of devices

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 28 Feb 2010 15:54 User comments (3)

Palm releases webOS 1.4 for first wave of devices Palm has managed to push out the webOS 1.4 update for some of its handset users. The update revolves greatly around the improvements in video recording functionality. It provides the Pre and Pixi with an iPhone-like interface for recording video and then carrying out trimming and simply tasks afterward.
Users can share their videos through Multimedia Messaging, YouTube, Facebook or by sending it through e-mail with the device. The update comes with support for Flash 10.1, making the Pre and Pixi the first handsets to fully support in-browser Flash videos and games, and other Flash-based content.

Some other features that are not as noticeable include a change that pulses the LED for notifications even if the phone is in "asleep" state, sorting e-mail by different criteria and better integration between calling and messaging features.

The update is available today for Sprint users, and also available to Movistar and O2 subscribers in Europe. Users of other services will have to wait a little while longer.

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3 user comments

128.2.2010 19:36

I believe that the Nokia N900 was the first phone to fully support Flash in the browser. However, it's great that Palm WebOS supports Flash now, too!

228.2.2010 23:57

alot people consider the N900 a slate. I personally think is just a smaller Computer that makes phone calls LOL

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31.3.2010 0:38

I remember working on the first PalmOS in 1999 and have always felt sad about the missed opportunity that Palm is (see my post at my blog on that topic). Flash is definitely going to be a good differentiator for Palm at this stage vis-a-vis iPhone. However, the question is how long lived that advantage will be, with Android having announced support for it as well.

Palm may however, be able to forge a good relationship with Adobe and thus they could jointly push a solution with the Pre/Pixi emerging as the smartphones of choice for flash based games! Time will tell!

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