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Global Gaming Factory tried to buy Mininova, as well

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 03 Mar 2010 17:04

Global Gaming Factory tried to buy Mininova, as well Last year, The Pirate Bay infamously got "purchased" by little known company Global Gaming Factory for $7.8 million, however the deal never went through.
It appears, (via TF), that GGF had an even more ambitious offer in the works, 20 million euro for giant torrent indexer Mininova.

Today, it was revealed, from sources close to GGF and Mininova including CEO Hans Pandeya, that a deal was set in place for "no less than 20 million euros," but fell through when Mininova lost its court appeal in the case brought against it by anti-piracy agency BREIN.

"Im going to buy Mininova too and eliminate all the competition," Pandeya had told one-time partner Wayne Rosso before the appeal fell through. Clearly however, Pandeya could not have afforded Mininova, as he couldn't afford Pirate Bay.

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