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Opera sees downloads triple since introduction of EU browser ballot screen

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Mar 2010 12:33 User comments (4)

Opera sees downloads triple since introduction of EU browser ballot screen Less than week after Microsoft began offering alternative browsers to European Windows users, Opera has announced that downloads have tripled.
"It varies from country to country, but yes, in several major countries, Opera downloads have tripled since the ballot screen appeared," added Rolf Assev, the chief strategy officer for Opera.

Downloads surged as high as 350 percent in some nations such as Belgium, Spain, France and Poland.

The downloads may have been helped by the launch of Opera 10.50, but Assev says compared to past launches, "such as Opera 10.0, 10.10 and 9.5, and the tripling is above what we would normally expect with a new version launch."

The so-called "ballot box" was implemented on Monday, thanks to a European Commission mandate, two years after Opera complained to anti-trust regulators that Internet Explorer being bundled with Windows was "stifling competition."

The ballot allows users to choose what browser they want, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or stick with Internet Explorer 8.

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4 user comments

15.3.2010 13:35

Opera look better and feel better that firefox, still I use IE8
What happened to firefox is going backward slow and slow.

25.3.2010 16:07

Opera is ugly
It's look is too crowded and usability is odd to toy with
I'll stick with Safari, Firefox and Chrome

35.3.2010 19:00

Actually i have found opera to be useful as long as you use any additions w/it, and i use skins to make it more attractive. BTW, its advisable that you use a different directory to install then the default one. Seems to make a difference in the UI for some reason. - BLUEBOY

411.3.2010 7:07

I sort of liked Opera until I found I could not open my Gmail box or edit my Google Sites web pages.

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