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First Sony 3D HDTV to go on sale in June

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 16 Apr 2010 0:17 User comments (9)

First Sony 3D HDTV to go on sale in June Sony has announced that their first Bravia 3D HDTV for the UK will go on sale in June and the company will be bundling four 3D games for early adopters.
The TV, the Bravia HX803 has 200Hz high frame rate technology, a "simulated 3D" feature which converts standard 2D pictures into simulated 3D. The TV will also feature 'high speed precision' technology, which reduces the mixing of 3D images assigned to each eye.

The TV will require 3D glasses, and Sony will sell pairs with expected 100 hour battery life.

The four HD games, Wipeout HD, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, PAIN and Super Stardust HD are all PSN games that will be re-released with 3D optimization, says

While the package may sound good, here comes the kicker. The HDTV has an MSRP of 2200 for the 40-inch model, and 3500 for the larger 60-inch model.

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9 user comments

116.4.2010 3:44

Sony will probably kill 3d support with a firmware update

216.4.2010 3:59

Superbowl party at my house will only be 10 pairs of 3d glasses and inviting 11 people. So whoever doesnt get a pair of glasses will have to make snacks and clean the dishes

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316.4.2010 6:08

No, you invite 11 people and you still have 10 pairs of glasses on the table...because even you won't want to wear 3D glasses just to watch football, especially when you are throwing a party dedicated to a 4 hour program with only an hour of gameplay, and shot by cameras that will never be where they need to be to make noticeable 3D, and watching on a "3DTV" that isn't 3D anyway.

416.4.2010 8:10

No one going to comment on the big price-hike?

BBC news reported it
"A 46-inch 3D screen will cost around 350,000 yen ($3,898; 2,608), 52% more expensive than a regular Sony flatscreen television"

50% more to watch dodgy 3D in the home?
I don't think so.

516.4.2010 14:06

Why do the glasses need a battery? Are they different then the simple polarized kind?

616.4.2010 15:52

Yeah they are different,it's been a few weeks since i read the reason for batteries so take it with a grain of salt,the glasses provide a better depth & maybe colour.

2D upscaled to 3D..LMAO

716.4.2010 19:22

.....and the glasses and the emitter required to make them work aren't cheap either.
The Sony shutter glasses cost $130+ (each!) and the emitter costs $55.

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817.4.2010 4:29

Oh, and don't forget the player; sony does not make one, and the PS3 firmware for 3D is not out yet. Last I checked, there was only one 3D compatable bluray player, and it was $800. Seems like a bit of a waist, as there is only 1 3D bluray movie anyway, and it is a Disney animation about a flying house or something.

917.4.2010 8:27

PS3 was the cheapest and the best BD player back in 2006-7 and 3+ years later........PS3 is not the cheapest but nevertheless is still one of the best BD players (if not the best) and takes the crown of the cheapest BD-3D Player.

I have to admit that this is a good strategy by sony.

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