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Datel antitrust case against Microsoft cleared to move forward

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 27 Apr 2010 5:03 User comments (4)

Datel antitrust case against Microsoft cleared to move forward In late October we reported that Microsoft was blocking all "unlicensed" Xbox 360 storage devices, successfully forcing gamers to only purchase memory cards sold by Microsoft, at a higher price.
Large peripheral manufacturer Datel struck back in late November, filing an antitrust lawsuit.

In response, Microsoft filed motions to have the case dismissed but a judge has thrown out those motions today, clearing the way for Datel's suit to move forward. Because the motions were dismissed, the two parties will now meet in preparation of their upcoming June 2nd hearing.

Microsoft recently sued the UK-based accessory maker over its Xbox 360 controllers, claiming the company illegally copied the design.

The controllers in question are the Datel "TurboFire" and "WildFire" wireless controllers, which sell for $40 USD online. Microsoft says the controllers infringe on a few patents held by the software giant.

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4 user comments

128.4.2010 12:36


230.4.2010 21:03

Gotta love the power of M$. They will win this one (worst luck). I am waiting for the day when they loose a case and are fined more money than they have in their back pocket.

330.4.2010 21:20

As far as I know.. there is a precident for this case stretching back pretty much as long as the dawn of the industrial revolution.

As long as your device is completely designed and built by yourself (or your company) and isn't a "clone" in outward appearance or internal workings of the original patentees device.. then it's allowed..

It's like a railway line maker saying "you can only use OUR rolling stock and engines on OUR tracks" .. or a car company saying "you can only fit our wheels.. anybody making after market custom parts we will sue into the ground" FAIL!!

MS are actually proving the case they are trying to fight against.. they are deliberately trying to use threats of legal action and monopolistic force to deny any fair competition.. In a sensible world they would be fined out of existence and their goods.. every single product they make and sell.. banned from sale everywhere until they lose the case and have paid up.

Of course.. they will just pay the judge and the politicians to ensure that never happens.. same as usual... and the law abiding public lose their legal and state enforced (hahaha.. that's a laugh) rights again, sacrificed on the altar of corporate abuse and greed.

My sig shows what I think of MS .. and I have thought the same way since 1993..

41.5.2010 03:30

Good on you, man! Thank you for being the voice of the consumers who can only find one maker in the market. Free enterprise! Cheap knockoffs! Like it or hate it, if it's legal, it's better than full price! No Monopolies!

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