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Pre-alpha version of Mozilla Fennec released for Android

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 30 Apr 2010 1:23 User comments (3)

Pre-alpha version of Mozilla Fennec released for Android Mozilla has finally released the "pre-alpha" of the Fennec browser today for Android devices, bringing an early version of mobile Firefox to testers.
Says Mozilla developer Vladimir Vukićević: The release is "usable enough that we wanted to get some feedback on it."

The developer is fast to warn that the release is very buggy and will give Android users a lot of "force close" notifications, with some of the bugs even crashing the phone. The browser may not even work on phones that aren't the Droid or Nexus One.

The new release does have some notable features including "Weave" support, allowing for bookmark syncing from your desktop version of Firefox.

You can get it here but don't expect a fun-filled ride:

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3 user comments

130.4.2010 4:59

Sounds like good news; the stock browser is junk, and Opera is even worse.

230.4.2010 15:59

Ummmm they released it like 3 days ago......
Anyways they need to make a copy for older versions of android or Google needs to at least hook the older sets up with one more update, instead of trying to applerize (force us to update to a new handset) us lol.

31.5.2010 2:08

It does not even work correctly on the new phones yet, why would they bother making it BC when it wont even work with current-gen stuff.

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