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Google gives priority invites for 'Voice' to students

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 15 May 2010 14:49 User comments (2)

Google gives priority invites for 'Voice' to students Google Voice, the new beta service that allows users to have their voicemails transcribed and sent as emails as well as send free text messages, is now open, "priority" status, to students with valid .edu email addresses.
It has been hard to get invites to the service so far, but if you are a student, you get one within 24 hours.

Head over to and enter an email address that that ends in .edu, and you get the invite within 24 hours. (I tried it, it works)

The service is only available in the U.S., and I recommend that if you get it, and own an Android phone, get the free app from the market, it makes the service a lot more handy.

You can check out all the videos on the service here:

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2 user comments

116.5.2010 2:22

wait did they just say it has been hard to get in i got in like 20 min after i registered and then i got one for my GF and she got hers the next day
then got one for my friend within a week lol

maybe it's cause i got an android phone and use Google apps alot but as for my gf idk

FYI gmail emails get in easier then yahoo or others (google service means your a google user so you being an existing user gives them more of a reason to invite you)

and sorry if it maybe doesn't make sence i'm tired as hell right now

216.5.2010 20:41

Oh, I was just gonna say, when this was first announced in beta, I got invited to it (but it's probably because I use Gmail). It's a nice little feature I think. I mean you got Skype out there, and now I guess Google is trying to get in on that. Have an app on my iPhone and it has my Google Voice number linked to that, so it's pretty nice!

I love the stuff that Google comes out with these days.. Though still haven't figured what's so big about Wave.

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