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Thom Yorke warns young artists that record labels are dying

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 11 Jun 2010 0:32 User comments (10)

Thom Yorke warns young artists that record labels are dying Thom Yorke, the lead singer of Radiohead has warned young artists to stay away from the big record labels, as the recording industry (as we know it) is dying.
Yorke says talented artists should try to make it on their own without going to record labels for help as the industry is within years of completely dying.

Radiohead's frontman went as far as to say that when the industry dies it will be "no great loss to the world." Young artists should do their best to not "tie themselves to the sinking ship."

It may be "only a matter of time months rather than years before the music business establishment completely folds," adds Yorke.

Radiohead released 6 albums through major label EMI but decided to release their seventh album, "In Rainbows," as an Internet download with no specific price set. Allegedly, over 60 percent of downloaders did not pay anything for the album but the "experiment" still netted the band over $1 million, which did not have to be shared with the labels, who are known to take most of profit from CD sales.

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10 user comments

111.6.2010 2:53

<3 brilliant.

211.6.2010 5:06

LOL...First NIN and now radiohead...soon you won't be able to buy whiny Emo music on cd!

311.6.2010 8:30

So it's on to your whining. Great.

411.6.2010 13:31

It'll be funny if Radiohead gets sued by their lable for Copyright Infringment this is a brilliant experiment by Radiohead. Another Artist I can't remember his name exactly but had downloaded his own music and was sued by his record company for downloading his own stuff, I forgot the exact year this was but hehe I'm glad artists are saying F*** You to the lables.(Yes I censored myself)

512.6.2010 0:20

Originally posted by NeoandGeo:
So it's on to your whining. Great.
It was meant as a joke...I actually like NIN, and don't mind Radiohead.

612.6.2010 4:11

I will "Love" to see the day when Single Artist or Music Bands be able to sue Records Companies.

"Wherever goes around...come's around"

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712.6.2010 16:30

The problem with labels is they still pretend they are in a world where they control things. They ruined the music industry. That has made it so much easier for indies to make their own way. Who wants advice from morons who still thinks R&R, rap and hip hop are the only music people will buy.

813.6.2010 5:41

The labels have ruined the lives of many talented singers and groups by ripping them out of their hard earned $$$ that now that you can get the singers/groups music online without the middleman (the labels), thereby allowing the singers/groups to get the maximum profit available without being stiffed by the labels, this has resulted in the labels are really scared.

915.6.2010 18:42

WOW ..... This is EXCELLENT.

I love RADIOHEAD but never bought a single album from them. Now I will. I want all the money spend to go to the artist instead of the corporations.

I hope others will follow. Get rid of the greedy corporations.

I BOW to THON YORKE. Excellent decision.

1016.6.2010 4:46

It's maybe a little early to be hailing this as part of a "New World Order" kind of scenario, it seems too good to be true that this could be the way forward. Kinda like passing the hat round, and honesty boxes tend to get ignored once the novelty has worn off. But I sincerely hope it DOES work out. Imagine if it could be applied to other stuff, too...

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