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Vuvuzela buzz ruining your World Cup? Get rid of it !

Written by James Delahunty @ 14 Jun 2010 12:27 User comments (7)

Vuvuzela buzz ruining your World Cup? Get rid of it ! Everyone from home viewers, to people who have traveled to watch their team in South Africa and even many of the footballers themselves have voiced their absolute hatred for the beehive-like buzzing that is being broadcast throughout the world due to rampant use of Vuvuzelas during the World Cup matches. The noise is so loud that professional players have complained they cannot even communicate with each other on the pitch.
While there has been some talk of banning the evil instruments from the stadiums altogether, some of us just cannot wait that long. If you are watching the World Cup through your computer, or if it is possible for you to route the audio through a computer/laptop/htpc, then you might be able to get rid of that annoyance nice and quickly with the help of some information online.

Basically, if you can filter out sound at 233, 466, 932 and 1864 Hz you will have killed 95 percent (estimated from my own experience) of the noise and can save your liver from the copious amounts of pain killers you need to get rid of the headache after the game.

Filter in Windows

For Windows users, REAPER armed with the correct filters (233, 466, 932, 1864 Hz), the Vuvuzelas disappear for the most part, and a smile creeps across your face.

On setup you will need to choose your audio hardware, but don't worry too much about the other settings since it can auto-adjust these later on. To save you plenty of time, download the reaper-anti-vuvuzela.RPP file from and run it. Note that you can change the volume in the program if the output is too loud and causes some noise problems of its own, and you might have to mute Line In in volume control if you get echoed output, depending on how you set up your audio.

Filter with Mac

For Mac users, Logic Pro software has been demo'd in a very helpful way by a YouTube user called joolspools. Check out the video below and see how much of the Vuvuzela can be annihilated in a couple of clicks.

Filter with Fedora shows how to configure some settings to get rid of the Vuvuzela and also offers a command line option for MPlayer to do the same thing. It links to as a source of the information.

The site also offers a command line options to achieve the same thing with MPlayer..

mplayer -af pan=1:0.5:0.5,sinesuppress=233:0.01,sinesuppress=466:0.01,sinesuppress=932:0.01,sinesuppress=1864:0.01,

Hopefully you will be able to filter out the Vuvuzela. Got any better options for filtering? Leave them in the comments and I'll add them when I see them.

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7 user comments

114.6.2010 13:44

This is a great post, I was thinking about making a filter myself, but its been done!

214.6.2010 15:32

Oh! so that was what that annoying hum was about...

315.6.2010 13:16

i lvoe them. add a superb african atmosphere. wish we had it in championship games here.

415.6.2010 20:33

I too love it. The bee hive sound is with me night and day as I eat, drink, breathe, etc... World Cup Soccer! The broadcast companies could filter out and put out a small secondary audio stream for the masses quite easily, but haven't. I am glad for that. I don't want the bandwidth diminished one bit for these matches. I especially don't want a precident set for sucking bandwidth away from the main feed. I would however prefer a main feed with no anouncers, just a good mix of sound from the field, stands, and stadium public address system. The you are there type experience.

516.6.2010 14:34
Unverified new user

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tHeRe R tHoSe oF US wHo R eXtReMeLy NOiSe
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iT iMpoSsiBLe tO ENJoY aN eVeNt, LeCtUre, CaLL,
PeRfOrMaNce, etc.
tHaNks fOr tHe OPp tO VoiCe tHis ReALitY oN YoUr

617.6.2010 15:33

The vuvuzela is plain stupid and it just ruin the natural sound of the people screaming and celebrating, plus the players. I hope they ban it. Thanks for this information but i'm watching it on my high definition tv. is there any other way to redirect the sound from it and filter it?

717.6.2010 21:31

Like most fads, it has become annoyingly overused.

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