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E3 2010: Nintendo shows off 3DS, 'No More Glasses'

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 Jun 2010 14:01 User comments (13)

E3 2010: Nintendo shows off 3DS, 'No More Glasses' Nintendo showed off its anticipated 3DS handheld console at its E3 Press Conference today. Identified by Reggie Fils-Aime - President and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America - as probably one of the best features of 3DS: no glasses required, as he doubted gaming on big screen TVs while glasses are still required to get the effect.
"It's the glasses," he said, with a certain disgust in his tone, also talking about the cost of 3D now. Nintendo then gave the audience a history lesson of "3D" before a prolonged unveiling of the Nintendo 3DS itself by Nintendo President and CEO, Satoru Iwata.

He first drew attention to the 3.5-inch widescreen on top, which will show the 3D content and then the slider on the side of the handheld to control the depth of the 3D effect. The bottom screen is only for touch, as Nintendo found that smudges on the screen from touching ruined the 3D effect easily.

Iwata talked about improved graphics capabilities for the 3DS, which he expected would cause excitement among developers and then revealed added gyro and motion sensors in the system.

The handheld comes equipped with not one, but two cameras making it possible for the user to snap and view photos in 3D, which got a great response from attendees. The 3DS is capable of playing 3D movies, and while Nintendo didn't give any "specific details" (his words), logos of Disney, Dreamworks and Warner Bros. movie studios were shown on screen.

Kid Icarus: Uprising was then unveiled as a game designed "specifically for the 3DS," as a result of Project Sora. "We felt such a project deserved to feature a character already familiar to many of you," Iwata said before the trailer was shown. Iwata added that with the 3D effect in the game, it is easier to just distance between players and objects, while giving a better feel of height, width and depth.

The 3DS console is capable of finding WiFi networks automatically, connecting and downloading new stages, quests, and rankings automatically. There is no monthly fee or anything for that.

Iwata then spoke of past hesitance to Nintendo hardware innovation and spoke of Nintendo having to "show the way" with first party software titles. While saying he expected, this time, the biggest third party launch support it has ever received, he teased work going on to develop Nintendogs for 3DS, as well as a game that features cats.

Before Iwata went off stage, a slurry of titles were announced to become available for 3DS, including Professor Layton 3D, Assassin's Creed, Batman, Resident Evil, Saints Row, DJ Hero, Kingdom Hearts, Ridge Racer and Metal Gear Solid. Iwata then left the stage and a video of game developers praising the 3DS was run.

Since Nintendo cannot show the 3D effect on screen, the company ran a video where Iwata is dragged into the 3DS by Mario, then Shigeru Miyamoto is sucked in when he picks it up after hearing a dog barking and later, Fils-Aime picks it up and laughs as he watches both Iwata and Miyamoto run for their lives fleeing Bowser inside the 3DS. Too bad for Fils-Aime, Bowser pops up out of the DS and breathes fires on him, ending the video.

Want to know the prices and launch date? So do we, unfortunately. Hopefully we all find out soon. Some pictures of the Nintendo 3DS handheld are shown in thumbs below, just click on enlarge.

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13 user comments

115.6.2010 14:29

To all the Nintendo haters out there...this system looks very nice, give it a chance.

215.6.2010 15:57

Hmm. Not too crazy about there being a d-pad AND a sunken nub stick. But hell its nintendo, they find ways of making anything that seems "un-useful" as a necessary part of a game.

315.6.2010 16:56

Biggest news coming out of E3 from Nintendo: Goldeneye 007 remake for the Wii!

415.6.2010 17:10

Hellz yea to Golden Eye! And lets not forget Metroid Other M. That games just looks crazy

515.6.2010 18:24

system does look great.but what many people seem to miss about the presentation with all the hype around all the sily remakes and the introduction of the 3DS is the fact that apart from a mere Hint of madden NFL MLB and FIFA (which all suck for the Wii due to its poor graphics capabilities) Nintendo barely showed any new 3rd party games..the ones they did didnt even raise intrest and their numbers were a mere fraction of what we usually get. they threw "smart" statistics on the crowd how people still use their Wii's trying to fool the saps,not realizing that half the people in the audience were their loyal fanboys anyways.anyone i have a few friends that bought a Wii and all of them have their console collecting dust like an old disc player. and with the stupid addition to the Wii..not even intresting enough for me to remember its name..something with the Mii's.
Second year in a row Nintendo pretty much dissapoints.
Xbox didnt have THAT big a lineup as well but just as well the new slimmer system does look somewhat appealing,especially if you havent bought an Xbox yet.And I half expected to see that Milo kid on stage again to show what they did with that this whole year but now it seems it was just a spoof and a failed project so they left it in the shadows. Halo Call of Duty and Black ops all seem nice.
Have yet to see the playstation presentation but seeing as there were no breaking news on kotaku besides the pricing of the Di**-stick by sony and Killzone 3..
Overall a very dissapointing E3 compared to previous years, with nintendo leading the FAIL parade.

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615.6.2010 18:31

no pokemon shown off = fail

715.6.2010 21:48

Originally posted by SProdigy:
Biggest news coming out of E3 from Nintendo: Goldeneye 007 remake for the Wii!
lol i don't have a wii but now i want one for this

probably wont get one though

815.6.2010 22:37

Ok so I take it that the 3DS is completely different from the others? Better graphics mean higher resolution? Like the PSP?

I want one if this is correct...

916.6.2010 4:15

Originally posted by Morreale:
Ok so I take it that the 3DS is completely different from the others? Better graphics mean higher resolution? Like the PSP?

I want one if this is correct...

That is correct.

I really wish they would have put a second analog nub on the unit, like where the B,A,Y,X buttons are. One again, a new handheld with inevitably sub-par FPS games, simply due to controls.

1016.6.2010 18:45

DS+3D= fail, give me TV out already you bastards!!!

1117.6.2010 15:28

Originally posted by ZippyDSM:
DS+3D= fail, give me TV out already you bastards!!!
Good luck with that Zip, lol.

1221.6.2010 4:59

3DS will raise some eyebrows. At least they made a new games machine unlike sony with that PSP GO nonsense. Even funnier, when the new handhelds come out from rivals they will no doubt "copy" Nintendos screen technology and give it a fancy name to class it as different. Props to Nintendo for taking another leap into the 3D realm.

1322.6.2010 3:32

if they could put that technology into TVs would be epic!

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