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Twitter apologizes for stability problems, outages

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 17 Jun 2010 0:59 User comments (1)

Twitter apologizes for stability problems, outages Twitter has apologized, again, for the month's worth of outages, bugs and system instabilities that have hobbled the site.
Citing a huge usage spike due to the World Cup, and the uncovering of a number of bugs, Twitter says the problems have led to the "worst month since last October" for the micro-blogging site.

Says the site via its official blog: "As we go through this process, we have uncovered unexpected deeper issues and have even caused inadvertent downtime as a result of our attempts to make changes. Ultimately, the changes that we are making now will make Twitter much more reliable in the future. However, we certainly are not happy about the disruptions that we have faced and even caused this week and understand how they negatively impact our users."

Twitter's updates will fine tune load balancing and double the network's capacity.

According to the web monitoring company Pingdom, Twitter's home page has been down for 5 hours and 22 minutes so far in June, its worst month in almost a year.

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1 user comment

118.6.2010 13:08

Twitter is old news, it sucks and is very unstable. I give it another year before it dies down and we move onto the next thing.

Also, who cares what you are doing during the day. Is your life so boring that you have to follow someone else?

Or are you so superficial that you think people are really interested in what type of toilet paper you are using at that particular moment.

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