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Microsoft sues spammers over abusing Hotmail spam filters

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Jun 2010 11:54 User comments (1)

Microsoft sues spammers over abusing Hotmail spam filters Microsoft has filed suit against a group of spammers this week, accusing them of one of the "largest" spam attacks against Windows Hotmail, ever.
Making the case more insulting to Microsoft, was the fact that the spammers used Microsoft's anti-spam filtering technologies to start the spam campaign.

"The lawsuit ... alleges [the] defendants engaged in an elaborate scheme to evade Microsoft's filters by abusing Microsoft's Junk E-Mail Reporting Program (JMRP) and Smart Network Data Services (SNDS) to send vast quantities of spam each day,"
says John Scarrow, general manager of safety services for Microsoft.

The SNDS and JMRP features are free services for Hotmail users that want to report spam that breaks through filters.

As a way to get around the anti-spam filters, Microsoft says the defendants hired hundreds of people to open millions of Hotmail accounts, who then were sent the spam, and manually misidentified them as valid e-mails, thus destroying the accuracy of the filters.

"We take this abuse very seriously, and while Hotmail and our SmartScreen filter continue to work to block spam from this identified scheme, we'll keep investigating and pursuing spam attacks to protect our network and our customers," Scarrow added.

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124.6.2010 12:26

I had a site called "" or something spam all my contacts in a hotmail account I used to use that my wife decided to start using. The message said I had referred them to the site and I had to contact everyone to tell them not to go there and that I don't use that site. I never even knew the site existed until it spammed everyone.

I hope Microsoft sues the $&*% out of them. I'm still trying to get my wife off that account so that I can shut it down...

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