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Finland makes broadband Internet a legal right

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 01 Jul 2010 18:48 User comments (8)

Finland makes broadband Internet a legal right As of today, Finland has become the first nation in the world to make broadband Internet a legal right, with every citizen guaranteed the right to at least a 1Mbps connection.
Furthermore, the Finnish government has promised guaranteed speeds of 100Mbps for all of its citizens by 2015, a feat that will likely not be matched by most other nations.

97 percent of the Finnish population currently has access to a broadband connection.

Finland passed the legislation last year, and Spain followed in November with a similar bill.

Says Fninish communication minister Suvi Linden: "We considered the role of the internet in Finns everyday life. Internet services are no longer just for entertainment. Finland has worked hard to develop an information society and a couple of years ago we realised not everyone had access."

The British government has also committed to giving all citizens a minimum 2Mbps broadband connection by 2012 but that is not a legally binding ruling.

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8 user comments

11.7.2010 23:29

Sounds like a start...but they should be guaranteeing 20mbps by the year 2015.

22.7.2010 10:11

Pretty ridiculous, IMO.

Of all the liberties to be granted, they get broadband.

Usually when something so ridiculous gets legislated, there's usually an industry lobbyist behind it. So, there is likely a carrier (or carriers) capable of providing these speeds at a profit who are looking to run out of business those smaller providers that cannot afford to comply.

32.7.2010 22:36

I can't say I support running out the little guy, but if a company is selling internet service, and they never update their technology (1mbps is very old tech), then they deserve to get run out of town.

43.7.2010 0:47

heck at 1mb in the sticks and capped at 250mbs per 24hrs and from 1am-6am CST for me on hughesnet sucks i wish us would get that here then maybe i could actually want to get on my PC and do home work and what not i think 5mb would be good for me but then they probly watch what you do as in download and upload

56.7.2010 17:57

Sweet. How long for America to catch up?

67.7.2010 0:39

so,of all the things they could do for the finnish people this was the best they could come up with.must be paradise there,how can i emigrate?

yeah that was sarcasm.sorry.

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77.7.2010 5:40

Nah, come to the united states. It is such a perfect paradise that we have to make up new, pointless laws just to keep the prisons at 200% capacity.

87.7.2010 16:17

ya,here we just slap em on the wrist and ask them nicely not to do it

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