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Bing steals some search engine market share from Google

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Jul 2010 18:51 User comments (5)

Bing steals some search engine market share from Google According to new figures from comScore, Microsoft's Bing stole some market share in June from rivals Google after a few stagnant months.
For the U.S. search market, Bing increased from 12.1 percent in May to 12.7 percent in June, its strongest growth in a few months.

Google remained the clear leader, but saw its share dip, from 63.7 percent to 62.6 percent for the same period.

Yahoo, which has been in second place for years, remained there, seeing its share grow minimally from 18.3 percent to 18.9 percent.

Overall, Americans made 16.4 billion searches for the month, up 3 percent from May.

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5 user comments

114.7.2010 19:48

So Yahoo and Bing both increased by the same amount, but Bing is the one that "Steals some search" from Google?

Sounds more like a bad quarter for Google, rather than Google's competitors doing anything extraordinary.

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214.7.2010 22:59

this is ridiculous M$ hijacks most of its users with bing by setting as the default search engine in their broken, retarded browser and many people are too dunce or lazy to simply change it

315.7.2010 2:49

well how about firefox/chrome setting google as their default and people to lazy to change that.

416.7.2010 22:19

Yep, preset settings and it's not a case of too hard but almost imposable to change.

519.7.2010 12:06

Frankly, Google deserves to loose share. Their results are quickly losing relevancy, especially with paid adds showing up as the top "search results", cluttering up their space, and half the results leading to infected web pages that install various virii.

Besides, I'm not too keen on using the NSA for my search engine and e-mail.

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