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Android Market hits 100,000 apps submitted

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 02 Aug 2010 12:03 User comments (5)

Android Market hits 100,000 apps submitted According to figures site AndroLib, the Android Market has seen 100,000 apps submitted since its debut, although there are still not 100,000 apps available in the store.
The site says 18,000 apps have been removed or been unpublished, leaving the active app count at somewhere over 82,000.

Last month, Google confirmed 75,000 apps in the Market.

AndroLib counts apps available in the U.S and internationally, as well as those submitted in those nations.

Said the site this weekend: "When Androlib launched in June 2009, barely 5,000 applications and games had been submitted to the Android Market. This number quickly grew overtime exponentially. By the end of 2009, it would cross 20,000. Today, we are happy to announce this number surpassed 100,000."

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5 user comments

12.8.2010 02:45

but of the 82,000 apps available how many are actually of any real use?

22.8.2010 03:24

General usage percentage is probably pretty similar between all major mobile application stores, be it apple's, google's or nokia's.

32.8.2010 04:23

Realistically, most of the apps are junk. If you were to go through every app in the store, selecting only the best versions of each app function, you would probably only have about 1000 apps left...and most of those would be games.

Same applies to the iStore...higher numbers of apps just means more worthless apps to sift through.

42.8.2010 14:56

Yeah, I've never really cared about the NUMBER of apps... but what can those apps do.
Frankly, many of the iPhone apps are nothing more than portals to websites and such.
Eventually, these businesses will realize that the android market is as big or bigger and those apps will show up in that market as well.

52.8.2010 19:02

Agreed, too many versions of apps of the same app, but I do like the fact that they have NES/SNES emulators though. It's nostalgia all over again, providing of course that it's not a pain in the ass to play a game through a touch phone.

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