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Firmware update to Samsung Blu-ray player causes playback issues

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Aug 2010 22:54 User comments (4)

Firmware update to Samsung Blu-ray player causes playback issues According to a large number of upset users, Samsung's latest firmware for their 2009 BD-Px600 players is causing playback issues, forcing owners to rollback the firmware for the time being.
Posters to the CNET and AVSForums say the update to v2.09 has caused all Universal and Warner Blu-rays to lock up at the main menu, not allowing for any playback.

Samsung has told everyone to rollback to version 2.07, and that should be a temporary fix.

There are still some users who are having trouble rolling back, and Samsung says they will have to wait until a fixed 2.09 (likely 2.1) is released "in a couple of weeks."

That should be good news, except to people who actually want to play their Blu-rays.

You can check one of the support forums here: AVSForums

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4 user comments

123.8.2010 6:25

Good job i didnt upgrade my player ove the w/e then....

223.8.2010 10:53

A whole week or two watching to watch a movie? Serious samsung, they you guys put this update out without even testing it or something?

323.8.2010 15:20

Samsung support online is absolutely abysmal , always has been.

424.8.2010 13:22

glad i stuck with my up-scaling DVD player, expect more woes in the future as the DRM in blu-ray's is used for expiring discs, blocks on discs borrowed from friends, family, blocks on all 2nd hand discs until you pay the studios monies as just like the game industry they get nothing from second hand sales!

bend over and lube up for blu-ray, the RIAA & the MPAA

basically, Sony, Disney, News Corp, Warner!

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