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New Apple patent will let iPod Touch users make phone calls

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Sep 2010 2:53 User comments (6)

New Apple patent will let iPod Touch users make phone calls PatentlyApple has discovered a few new patents Apple has filed for this year, and one stood out from the rest.
The Accessory Transceiver would allow iPod Touch owners to make phone calls.

iPod Touches could use the transceiver to connect directly or wirelessly, using the device to enable phone calling.

Apple filed for the patent in the first quarter of 2010 but it has not been granted yet.

It is also important to note that large corporations like Apple have thousands of patents, many for accessories and devices that never come to fruition.

Last month, a Chinese company released the Apple Peel 520, a dock for the iPod Touch which adds a SIM card slot and other functions, for $59.99.

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6 user comments

119.9.2010 4:40
Unverified new user

Im very excited about the next-gen iPod touch because I think with iOS 4, multitasking and Skype I can finally save a bundle on my regular voice plan from AT&T. I plan to go prepaid and pack my ipod with a aneesoft free iPod video converter.

219.9.2010 5:47
V erizon User
Unverified new user

@yarishooo I hope your plans work out. For me, I thought I would do a similar thing with my android phone through Verizon. I have a Google Talk account and calls are free if I make them through the internet, but not with the Droid2. The device charges me for every call even when I use Google Talk, so don't expect big savings. I had to more than double my original plan with Verizon in order to not pay overages. My next phone will be with US Cellular. At least all incoming calls are free with them, so it won't matter if I use Google Talk or not. Good luck!

319.9.2010 8:53
Unverified new user

Follow this post for the v3 version of Google Voice. It will set your calling to one number. I had to remove GV first then install the v3 app. Now it is one of my 10 Family numbers with Verizon.

419.9.2010 9:48
Unverified new user

uhh, next generation? you can already make calls with faceTime and skype... why wait?

519.9.2010 12:25

Wow...calling over WiFi...Apple is really pushing technology to new levels! I bet skype is pissed; they seem to be under the impression that they have been doing this for years.

619.9.2010 23:40

The accessory transceiver will probably cost too much and will render jailbreaking impossible. From what i read, jailbreaking is legal for iphones, smartphones. It doesnt apply to ipod touch units. Im not sure about the legality of jailbreaking an ipod touch just to turn it into a iphone like device. Its like the chicken and the egg thing.

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