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Marvell building triple-core 1.5GHz mobile chip

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 24 Sep 2010 2:27 User comments (4)

Marvell building triple-core 1.5GHz mobile chip Marvell has unveiled their latest mobile SoC (system-on-a-chip) this week, the ARMADA 628.
The latest chip promises to be a "game changer," running three-cores and clocking in at 1.5GHz.

Marvell says the SoC will run on an ARM v7 infrastructure, likely the Cortex A9 MPCore.

With that computing power, a phone running the chip could playback two simultaneous 1080p 3D video-streams.

Without revealing the capacity of the battery, Marvell says "advanced power-saving features also mean that the chip can play back a high-def video for around ten hours 'on a single charge.'"

Additionally, the company says the first two cores run at high performance, but the final core is "optimized for low-power operation and is clocked at only 624MHz." Because of the low clock speed, the chip can run system-level operations without killing battery by using the more powerful cores.

The chip should make its way into tablets and smartphones within 12 months.

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124.9.2010 9:42
Unverified new user

i luv this

224.9.2010 10:01

Wow well lets see RIM uses Marvell chips in their devices so hopefully next year we'll see a trip-core BB hit the market. Maybe the Storm 4, Bold 3 or Torch 2 possible all three if they're really thinking. And if that new QNX OS that I'm hearing about from them is any good this should reestablish them on the map.
I'm really looking forward to this.
The mobile SoC market is really heating up with Qualcomm getting realy to launch their dual core chips. I think Intel needs to start making use of their new Infineon acquisition real quick or they'll find themselves falling quite a bit behind. As for nVidia they really need to get more costumers for the Tegra line than just Microsoft.
We're in for some interesting times


324.9.2010 23:40

Yeah...I have a little less than 18 months left on my phone contract...something tells me that my next phone may have more processing power than my current PC. This part of the market has been abandoned for a long time...there is a huge amount of easy growth to be done simply by applying the successful methods from other market segments.

Nice to see Marvell doing something for once...their current chips are one of the big weaknesses in the worst smart phones made. I remember when Marvell was making gaming video cards, high end audio devices, and a ton of other they just make crummy CPUs that no one but BB will buy.

415.12.2010 23:58

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