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YouTube cannot be held liable for copyright infringement, rules Spanish court

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 24 Sep 2010 1:11 User comments (4)

YouTube cannot be held liable for copyright infringement, rules Spanish court A federal court in Spain has dismissed all charges against YouTube today, ruling the popular video sharing site cannot be held liable for copyright infringement.
YouTube had been sued by Spanish TV broadcaster Gestevision Telecinco after hours of their content was found available for free on the site.

Google posted the results of the ruling on its European Public Policy Blog.

Telecinco was hoping to have YouTube held liable when users upload copyright-infringing material.

Says Google: "This win confirms what we have always said: 'YouTube operates within the law.'"

"The court recognized that YouTube is merely a content hosting platform and should not be made to pre-screen videos before they are uploaded," the search giant concluded.

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4 user comments

124.9.2010 2:45

another win for common sense

224.9.2010 4:00

2 wins down just like Veoh, Copyright is bullshit and everyone knows it

324.9.2010 13:30

Copyright is NOT bullshit! It's a means to stop people from copying your material. Bullshit ,on the other hand, is feces produced by bulls... get a dictionary, man.

Anyway, copyright is BULLNONSENSE!!!

44.10.2010 17:21

Ehhh... The concept of copyright is NOT a bad thing at all. The problem is, the oligarchs that actually run the world don't particularly care for the parts of copyright law that benefit "the little guy", so they ignore what they like and try to use draconian BS to enforce the rest...

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