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Apple gets 'There's an App for That' trademark

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 12 Oct 2010 2:24 User comments (6)

Apple gets 'There's an App for That' trademark Apple Inc. has been awarded a trademark for the catchphrase, "There's an App for That", which is widely used in campaigns for Apple's iPhone, iPod touch and iPad products. The company filed for the trademark in December 2009, citing its first commercial use in January 2009.
The trademark applies to "retail store services featuring computer software provided via the Internet and other computer and electronic communication networks; retail store services featuring computer software for use on handheld mobile digital electronic devices and other consumer electronics."

It was filed in the Advertising, Business and Retail Services, Computer and Software Services and Scientific Services categories. The phrase has become quite popular and has been parodied on occasion. It refers to the growing focus on the App Store, used by millions of Apple product users to find apps for specific purposes among hundreds of thousands of others.

The 'App Store' format is being emulated by other players in the mobile space, hoping to keep up with Apple in functionality and usability.

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6 user comments

112.10.2010 9:07

they should not even have this trademark

where is the app for flash sites ?

212.10.2010 16:50

Is there an app that lets me trademark catchphrases?
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312.10.2010 17:04

They invented it, so it should be theirs...

412.10.2010 18:39

I not that they where the firest to have apps but they don't have an app for everything, like to previous post said they don't have one app for flash which is widely used. Also with the rejections of some good apps that where just rejected because it went against some of their own.

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512.10.2010 19:02

Don't worry "There's Crap for That".

Carpe Noctem

612.10.2010 23:33

Technically, there are apps for these things...there is a fully functional version of adobe Flash (sitting unused somewhere because apple blocked it). There is a fully functional NIN app sitting somewhere as well (because of the profane language used in the music that is on iTunes with all the same profanity).

I want to trademark, "There's an App for that...and YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!!!"

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