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Leaked report details worker abuse, violence at Foxconn

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 12 Oct 2010 1:47 User comments (8)

Leaked report details worker abuse, violence at Foxconn It seems that Foxconn cannot keep itself out of the news and for all of the wrong reasons. After several highly-publicized suicides by Foxconn workers, a new leaked report shows that not much has actually changed at Foxconn. The Beijing-based Global Times reported on a study conducted by 60 teachers and students from 20 Universities in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Fourteen investigators were able to enter the company and experience life inside Foxconn for themselves. According to the report, at least 16.4 percent of Foxconn employees have been subject to "some kind of corporal violence," like that seen in a recently released video of employees being assaulted by Foxconn security.

More than 38 percent claimed that their privacy has been invaded and 54.6 percent felt indignant toward management. Foxconn had announced a 30 percent pay rise for its employees following a number of suicides, but the report states that raises only amounted to 9.1 percent and that workers were also deprived of, "many of their welfare terms like subsidies, bonuses and so on."

The report focuses a lot on interns working for Foxconn. While interns are only allowed to work eight hours per day, some plants had them on ten hour shifts and night shifts. By having no contracts with interns, Foxconn doesn't have to pay "social welfare" costs for them, which means if they are injured at work due to a lack of supervision, the interns will have to pay their own medical expenses.

"Foxconn's labor system is characterized with highly-intensified workload, low payment, violent training, all at the cost of the workers' dignity," the unreleased report states.

Foxconn manufactures products for Intel, Sony, Dell, Apple, HP, Microsoft, Nintendo and many others. Several of these companies have come forward at different times to attempt to halt abuse of workers.

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8 user comments

112.10.2010 2:52

sad these people go through this so we can use an ipad

212.10.2010 3:32

Originally posted by stuntman:
sad these people go through this so we can use an ipad
most apple goods, PS3 is made by foxconn, (remember sonys big announcement to reduce cost by using slave labour, foxconn)!

nintendo WII, Dell products, Nokia oyj, hewlett packard, VGA/Sound cards, MOBO's. and many more companies that are willing to use slaves for profit.

labour camps are the American capitalist dream, use slaves to build the merchandise, then sell the product for huge profit margins, whats everyone getting tetchy about, these slaves only stole your jobs as they were outsourced one by one with the backing of your governments....
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312.10.2010 7:27

Where is the revolution, I know most works would be afraid to walk off the job but if they make no money and get enough attention they can attempt to gain their rights back or walk away from it. I know that it may be difficult due to people need to support their family's but how much blood is worth these major company's profits.

By the looks of it Billions for the corporations and nothing for the hard workers.

412.10.2010 23:59

We are talking about china don't just go out into the streets for a protest. It is slave labor...and they are happy to have it because at least they get a slave's serving of rice. One day there will be a violent, bloody revolution...and then China will be free to elect another tyrant who is even worse.

513.10.2010 1:13

Wow, it is sad to hear that your right about that. it will be a bloody revolution but when pushed into a corner what else is there to do.

I got shown that north Korea you can not even see on Google maps due to their king won't allow it.

One day everyone will unite when we stop fighting over scraps

613.10.2010 1:38

north korea doesn't have a king.

713.10.2010 1:47

Yea o.k i admit i don't know what their government status is but i am sure everyone get's the point. :P haha Thanks ddp for pointing it out lol

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813.10.2010 13:00

it is a dictatorship since about 1945.

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