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Ben Heck shows gorgeous portable Xbox 360 slim laptop

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 13 Oct 2010 0:37 User comments (9)

Ben Heck shows gorgeous portable Xbox 360 slim laptop Ben Heck has done it again, and this time to an Xbox 360 slim console. Ben's work is generally great, but this project of his is absolutely beautiful, and you can see from user comments on his website that most people agree.
From Ben's Site:
You knew this was coming the Xbox 360 Slim Portable. Big differences compared to my older models:
  • About 1.5″ inches narrower left and right, 1″ narrower front to back.
  • Internal power supply.
  • Uses stock Xbox 360 Slim fan so its much quieter than my older 3 fan models.
  • Touch sensitive power and eject buttons of the Slim have been preserved.
Not so big differences:
  • Pushbutton control audio amplification.
  • Gateway 1775W 17″ widescreen LCD display @ 1280720.
  • Fan grate design copied from PS3 Laptop design.
  • PVC plastic routed case.

The construction of this unit is being covered over the first 6 episodes of The Ben Heck Show so be sure and check it out to learn how I put this thing together. This is the actual unit that is up for grabs as part of their contest, so one lucky winner will take this puppy home!

Here's a video demonstrating Ben's creation...

Some photos Ben has posted on his site...

Visit's Ben's website to see more and tell him what ya think.

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9 user comments

113.10.2010 0:43

I remember seeing his portable SNES awhile ago, he's an engineering master.

213.10.2010 1:18

Where can i order one, i love this guy been watching his work for a long time.

God to the machine.

313.10.2010 2:35

He does some decent work...I just wish he would include keyboards...without that, it does not look like a laptop.

413.10.2010 6:50

KillerBug is hard to please.

513.10.2010 8:59

I wonder how long the battery last for during gameplay.

613.10.2010 9:40

Where can i order one, i love this guy been watching his work for a long time.
On his website, for $6,000+ depending on if you want further custom mods or not.

Which takes me to my next point, as nice as his mods are, they aren't $6,000 nice. I agree with Killer on this one, it just looks to plain without a keyboard, and it would be a lot nicer to use one than to attach that silly keyboard add-on onto the controller. If nothing else, it could have used a custom paint job so that it didn't look so meh.

Also the button placement for power and whatever the central pieces are seem off... Its like he knew he had to fill a void of blank space, it would have just looked nicer to have all the buttons or cut spaces to the sides and leave the middle empty. Also on his site he reports the rings don't work properly, so if the thing gives you a hassle, you'd have to rely on his expertise to determine the error; that alone is not worth $6,000. He also claimed there are error code sounds when it turns on, but has yet to determine what they mean if anything at all. Why advertise it then as finished, it's clearly not.
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713.10.2010 13:38

$6000 is nothing to some people. Heck for that price I hope he hacks it for you too...

Just my $0.02,


813.10.2010 14:03

$6000 is nothing to some people. Heck for that price I hope he hacks it for you too...
If people want to pay $6,000 for nothing, then that's cool with them, I know some people have that $ my point was that the current model going for $6k is not worth that value for the $. If a Rich guy believes it is tho, or just some retarded must have everything collector regardless of what it costs rich or not, well then there ya go.

I mean I agree he should profit from his mods, but at least show you care about em.

915.10.2010 22:29

$6000! LOL

It should have been at least Piano Black.

Its a lot easier being righteous than right.

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