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RIM falls to third in global smartphone market share

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Oct 2010 17:49 User comments (3)

RIM falls to third in global smartphone market share According to the latest figures from Strategy Analytics, RIM has fallen to third in the global smartphone market, losing out to Apple for the first time ever.
Nokia remained the clear leader, shipping 26.5 million units during the Q3 2010, good for a 34.4 percent market share.

That percentage, however, fell significantly year-over-year, down from 37.8 percent.

Apple, in second place, shipped 14.5 million units, good for 18.3 percent of the market.

RIM fell from 19.6 percent to 16.1 percent after shipping 12.3 million units for the quarter.

The research firm concluded that RIM is losing share due to a "limited presence in the high-growth touchscreen segment." RIM offers the Storm 2 and the new Torch in the multi-touch market.

Android, with incredible growth, has helped companies like Motorola and Samsung stay relevant, although their market share is significantly lower.

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3 user comments

122.10.2010 20:00
Unverified new user

For the record,Apple has only shipped more units than Rim in the last quarter.Why is it that the real facts are not being released too all readers?.For example,Rim has sold more Blackberries than Iphones in the past year.Why is Apple not slammed for the real facts.Rim also passed Motorola in handset sales,which for the most part Android.Just sit back and see Rims next qtr sales figures,are you then going too slam Apple?,I doubt it.It's a Canada vs USA thing,just like hockey,we'll kick your sorry ---'s again.

222.10.2010 23:08

Rim and Apple have monopolies on operating systems...if you want iOS you buy apple, if you want BlackberryOS you buy Blackberry. If you want Android, you can choose between a dozen companies on every network...this is great for consumers, as it promotes competition.

It might seem bad for companies like Motorola, as they now have to fight to get half of the Android market...while companies like RIM can keep releasing 600MHZ phones and get away with it. In reality, the Android fight is strengthening companies like Motorola and HTC, while the monopolies are getting soft. It won't be long before the massive differences in quality and performance make Android the only choice.

323.10.2010 10:42

I feel many people are "upgrading" their non-smartphones to the latest offering. I remember going into a Sprint store and seeing people getting mad because the 4g HTC phone was not in stock. Black Berry has not really pushed the "hey look at me" as much as the iphone or latest offerings from xyz companies. I own a Black Berry, but use it a lot for my work. It's not a new one. RIM needs to develop new phones, while offering products that are true to their core customers.

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