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It's official: Android Market hits 100,000 apps

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Oct 2010 18:02 User comments (2)

It's official: Android Market hits 100,000 apps According to @AndroidDev, the Twitter account for the team that is working on mobile operating system Android, the Android Market has officially hit 100,000 apps.
Number of apps in the Market have increased 300 percent over the last year, hitting new milestones at an increasingly fast pace.

Reads the status, simply: "One hundred thousand apps in Android Market."

During a recent interview, vice president for engineering at Google Andy Rubin said there are now 270,000 developers writing software for the operating system.

Including apps that have been pulled by their developers over the course of Android's history, Rubin confirms the number is over 100,000, as well.

For comparison's sake, Apple's App Store has just hit 300,000 apps available while the BlackBerry store has just over 10,000.

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2 user comments

125.10.2010 21:09

I love my Droid but they should not count repeat apps (15 different file explorers) or useless apps (10 different fart buttons)

226.10.2010 5:01

Well, that is just how it might have 100 fart simulators as a part of their 100,000 apps...but apple has 250 far simulators as a part of their 250,000 apps. If the whole platform and all the apps were all open source, I bet the entire app archive could be squeezed down to a single multi-function app that would use less than 1GB of space.

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