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New Rumor: PSP2 coming next fall, will include dual analog sticks, touch panel

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Oct 2010 12:00 User comments (7)

New Rumor: PSP2 coming next fall, will include dual analog sticks, touch panel Citing multiple sources, Kotaku is reporting today that the much anticipated PSP 2 handheld will reach consumers in the fall of next year.
The updated console will sport a touch panel on its back, along with dual analog sticks, the most-wanted PSP feature since its inception.

Sources describe the touch panel as "looking like a big mouse trackpad." It is still unclear how it will be used in-game, but developers are already in early stages of developing games that incorporate it.

Furthermore, the display will offer a higher resolution and sharper picture whilst being about 1-inch larger, as well.

Sony has called the screen "HD" during internal meetings although it is also unclear what is implied there.

The main issue, according to the site, is that system is overheating, thanks to the ramp up in power from past models.

Sony does not comment on speculation.

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7 user comments

125.10.2010 12:12

Oh now they wanna add the dual analog that should have been there from the start. Also I don't know how effective the touch panel behind the devices is actually gonna be, Sounds like it will make gaming pretty clumsy if you ask me.

225.10.2010 12:19

under 3ds' pressure?

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325.10.2010 13:25

I think the touch panel would be VERY clumsy to gaming. It'll be interesting to see what they do with it. I think it will be used like the bumper's on the XBOX 360 controller, just like a one tap thing. Just needing to upgrade my 1000, jeez... I've had the 1000 since the year it came out ha

425.10.2010 14:15

This was apparently showed at TGS but I haven't been able to find any proof that it was, *ex. pics*. Either way, it makes me wonder where Sony is planning to go with this.

526.10.2010 1:15

PSP2 had me interested at "dual analog."

I could care less about 3DS. I would gladly trade its pseudo 3D effect for a right analog stick.

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626.10.2010 5:03

Looks very cool...too bad it is being made by sony...they always find some way to screw everything up.

726.10.2010 15:24

any word on UMD disc support for this new model?

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