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Video Daily: Apple TV hacked to add web browsing,

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Nov 2010 11:22 User comments (1)

Video Daily: Apple TV hacked to add web browsing, FireCore has announced this week that their upcoming aTV Flash Black software installer for the second generation Apple TV will be ready for beta by the end of the month.
aTV Flash Black adds web browsing to the set-top, as well as a app.

The company says the installer is 95 percent complete, "communicating directly with the AppleTV (no wires or USB drives required)," giving fans a chance to install aTV Flash Black on the set-top in a matter of minutes.

"Couch Surfer," FireCore's web browsing app, is 65 percent complete. (Video shown below) is about 85 percent complete, and should be ready to go by the beta launch. (Video shown below, as well)

The company does say they have hit major hurdles with a final component of the software, however:

Additional Video Codecs & NAS Streaming - 15% Complete

Not surprisingly this has turned out to be no trivial task - because of this we've teamed up with a few outside developers to move things along a bit more quickly. We'll have more info as things progress but unfortunately this probably won't make it into the initial beta version. The end goal however remains the same - robust support for non-itunes media (including DVD files).

Couch Surfer Pro for ATV 2G from Fire Core, LLC on Vimeo. for AppleTV 2G from Fire Core, LLC on Vimeo.

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119.11.2010 22:55

Cool...I might have to get one of these boxes once the price hits $50 and they have hacked it to run Android.

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