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'Angry Birds' adds in-app purchases and hits new sales milestone

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 11 Dec 2010 2:13 User comments (4)

'Angry Birds' adds in-app purchases and hits new sales milestone Rovio, the developer behind blockbuster game 'Angry Birds,' has said today that the game has hit 50 million downloads, with over 10 million coming from Android devices.
The company also announced the "Bad Piggy Bank," an in-game payment structure on Android that lets users pay a certain amount to remove the ads in the free version of the game, or even purchase the "Might Eagle" DLC that is upcoming.

To use Bad Piggy Bank, you will not need a credit card, as the in-app purchases are billed to your monthly phone bill.

Eventually, the Bad Piggy Bank will be extended to other operating systems, like iOS.

Rovios Peter Vesterbacka confirms that Angry Birds will be hitting PCs, gaming consoles and Macs next year.

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4 user comments

111.12.2010 3:01

that's good news, can't wait to see the 360 version :P

212.12.2010 11:56

I actually got to see it on an iPad, which it thought looked and played good, but Apple still wants you to pay to play their game, whereas on Android, you don't have to. Seems like bigger screen you pay, but smaller screen you don't? Yes, no? - BLUEBOY

Chance prepares the favored mind. Look up once in a while and you might learn something. - BLUEBOY

314.12.2010 11:21

Nah its just apple owners have (due to itunes and apple) got used to paying for stuff...

Droid owners i think largely dont want to pay and preffer software eco systems that are either community/gpl/add driven.

So when they made it for android they decided to all add driven as its the only method that would mean people used it.

Having charged for so long for it on the iphone i dont think they could stop... however it will be intreating to see what model they use for the new software, will the iphone get a free version ??

416.12.2010 12:53

Am I the only one find that this game has attention span of 1-5 minutes? It was "cool" for the first minute, "ah" the 2nd minute, "oh" the 3rd minute, "nice!" the next minute... Of course, it's fun if you're waiting on lines or buses/trains, but I won't waste my precious time at home/work for this sort of game.


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