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Young teens spend less than half the time on PS3 playing games

Written by James Delahunty @ 17 Dec 2010 1:08 User comments (10)

Young teens spend less than half the time on PS3 playing games Nielsen has released the results of a study into how young teenagers use their gaming consoles as more and more features are added to them.
The survey was conducted on a general U.S. population sample of an unspecified size. It found, for example, that 13 year old PlayStation 3 (PS3) owners spend an average of 49 percent of the time using the device to play video games. It found that 27 percent of the time was spent watching DVD or Blu-ray movies and 13 percent of the time watching movies downloaded and streamed.

Users of the Xbox 360 console spent about 62 percent of the time gaming, 11 percent watching DVD movies and 16 percent watching downloaded/streaming content. Wii users spent 69 percent of the time gaming and 20 percent of the time using the Netflix feature.

On the Xbox 360, respondents spent 34 percent of the usage time gaming offline and 28 percent gaming online. The disparity was a wider for the PS3, with 30 percent of usage time spent gaming offline and 19 percent gaming online. The disparity was much wider with the Wii console with 57 percent of the time using the system dedicated to offline gameplay and just 12 percent to online gameplay.

While the percentage of time spent gaming on the Wii as opposed to other activities with the device is larger than its competitors, respondents only reported using the device about 1.4 hours per week on average, quite a bit behind 4.1 hours per week for the PS3 and 4.9 hours for the Xbox 360.

While the survey appears to be quite limited, its intention is instead to highlight how games consoles are increasingly taking up the role of home entertainment hubs as new updates add new functionality.

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10 user comments

117.12.2010 09:23

Users who have a 360 are almost forced to watch their movies on a separate DVD player, or the PS3 due to the noise. :p

217.12.2010 09:51

Crrrk...this your pilot bill. speaking we want to remind you that due to the lack of standard angles and elevations used on normal drives you may experience slight console vibration along with some severe turbulence and want to remind you this is normal and there's nothing you can do about unless you want to be banned.

thank-you for understanding and thank-you for flying X360 airliners.

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317.12.2010 10:28

must be talking about the old 360 the new slim runs smooth.

todd logan

417.12.2010 11:18

How did this turn into a thread to troll about the 360? Silly fanboys...

It's not a big suprise as being a BlueRay player and the other multimedia aspects are marketed as much as the gaming aspect these days.

Would be even funnier to see how small a percentage of the time kids use their cell phones to actually make calls compaired to text and etc...

Just my $0.02,


517.12.2010 11:19

this doesn't suprise me, most kids are smart enough to use the media features, if you combine that with torrents and PS3 media server you basically don't need cable anymore (well you do for football of course :) )

617.12.2010 11:20

It was jokingly...Partly. Only desperation would require you to use a 360 as a DVD player, unless you like to pretend your favorite actors are in a room next to a wind tunnel. :D

717.12.2010 15:12

Originally posted by NeoandGeo:
It was jokingly...Partly. Only desperation would require you to use a 360 as a DVD player, unless you like to pretend your favorite actors are in a room next to a wind tunnel. :D
Well I have two old style 360s and they are very quiet. I would say they do a lousy job on upconverting DVD. DVDs look way better on my normal DVD player and yes I am using HDMI...But then again I bought them to play games on and that

I also use my cell phone to make calls (GASP)...

Just my $0.02,


818.12.2010 21:56

It's long been known that the avg PS3 user is upwards of 10 years older than the avg 360 user as well.

921.12.2010 07:38

wish my parents had the money to buy me a ps3 or xbox 360 as a kid.back when i was 13 i had a PS1 and i spent all my money just to buy that myself.

custom built gaming pc from early 2010,ps2 with 15 games all original,ps3 500gbs with 5 games all original,yamaha amp and 5.1channel surround sound speakers,46inch sony lcd smart tv.

1021.12.2010 15:27

the only console equivalent that i had given by my parents was the commodore 64 and i inherited that.

i think people forgot the NES was also $199.00 and came bundled with SMB/Duckhunt and the laser gun, prices of consoles have relatively remained the same. software went from $20 to $30, $30 to $40, $40 to $50, and $50 to $60.

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