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Paramount to release 10 Silverlight-enhanced movies for Windows Phone 7

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Dec 2010 1:04 User comments (5)

Paramount to release 10 Silverlight-enhanced movies for Windows Phone 7 Paramount has announced this week that it will begin releasing 10 feature films with Silverlight-enhanced features for Windows Phone 7 devices, starting with the launch of 'School of Rock.'
The other 9 movies will be available in the U.S, Canada and some international markets by the end of the year.

Each movie "app" will have the full film, a menu, bonus features and Web-connected content.

The next Paramount Silverlight Enhanced Movies for Windows Phone are 'Zoolander,' 'Waiting for Superman' and 'GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.'

"Through our relationship with Microsoft, we're able to provide consumers new, enhanced ways to enjoy movies from anywhere on Windows Phone 7," adde Geremie Camara, Vice President Product Development for Paramount Digital Entertainment, in the press release. "Using Silverlight technology and adding interactive and social networking features, our enhanced movie apps transform the movie viewing experience into a true entertainment experience."

Enhanced movie apps will have 'Scene It?' pop-up trivia, the ability to cut custom clips, and "Movie Info," giving consumers a chance to identify actors, music, places and objects in the movie.

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5 user comments

119.12.2010 2:25

Enchanced? I think you mean DRM infected and non-transferable.

219.12.2010 9:13

drm infected proprietary crap.. as bad as adobe .. avoid!!

ARR! Them pesky Navy! Get out of my sea!

319.12.2010 12:10

They'll be playing to an empty house.

419.12.2010 16:19

Come on people don't be so negative... Microsoft know exactly what people want, look at the Kin for example, people simply have no ability to accept new technology.

But seriously why use you Windows 7 Phone for watching movies? Bet you need to buy a copy on DVD/Blue Ray, and the movie industry gets $$ of each copy... Considering i have a few thousand to spend on a really great home theater, i couldn't waste money of a copy of the movie for my Kin too, oops windows phony 7?

521.12.2010 1:08

"Through our relationship with Microsoft..."

i.e. Microsoft PAID them to support Windows Phone 7

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