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Samsung will sell 10 million Galaxy S devices this year

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 24 Dec 2010 3:25 User comments (4)

Samsung will sell 10 million Galaxy S devices this year According to multiple reports, Samsung will sell 10 million Galaxy S smartphones this year globally, selling 3 million of the smartphones in November alone.
Additionally, the device has outsold the iPhone in South Korea, moving 2 million units compared to Apple's 1.8 million sales.

Making the last figure more impressive is the fact that the Galaxy S just launched in SK in June, compared to the iPhone which launched in November 2009.

Globally, the numbers don't compare, as Samsung has sold nearly 10 million of the Android device while Apple is expected to sell 16 million iPhones in the Q4 alone.

Samsung sells the Galaxy S on all the major carriers in the U.S, as the AT&T Captivate, T-Mobile Vibrant, Verizon Fascinate, U.S. Cellular's Mesmerize and Verizon Continuum.

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4 user comments

124.12.2010 7:01

All that revenue and we still cant get a decent 2.2, let alone 2.3, update.

How about investing in some R&D?

224.12.2010 8:36

I'm using it on 2.2, seems ok to me although I can't compare it to others. That said, my iPhone owning friends are impressed by it, once they get past the "its just an Apple rip off" syndrome!

325.12.2010 0:18

Actually, for being a non-iPhone these are pretty impressive. Its time for the Android platform to rule the roost for once!!

427.12.2010 13:24

Come on T-Mobile / Samsung, my Vibrant is still on 2.1, been waiting 90 plus days for 2.2, maybe rooting in the next 60 if I don't get an official update. My work phone (Droid X) got 2.2 a long time ago.

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