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Some Samsung Galaxy S owners finally getting Android 2.2

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 23 Jan 2011 8:27 User comments (8)

Some Samsung Galaxy S owners finally getting Android 2.2 Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant owners will finally receive their OTA Android 2.2 upgrade, after months of waiting.
The Vibrant is the T-Mobile model of the device, which sells as the Captivate on AT&T, the Fascinate on Verizon and the Epic 4G on Sprint.

Because Samsung would not give a detailed answer as to why 10 million Galaxy S owners were still without the update, rumors began flying that the manufacturer was purposely sinking the update to not "devalue" the upcoming 4G models of the device.

As a response, Samsung said:

Samsung does not charge carriers for updates to new versions of Android. We are working to make the Android 2.2/Froyo upgrade available to all U.S. Galaxy S owners as soon as possible. Due to the complexity and unique functionality of each Galaxy S device, we are performing additional testing.

T-Mobile has said the delay was purely technical and the OTA update will hit all Vibrant users within the next month.

Verizon, AT&T and Sprint have not announced any 2.2 update, yet.

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8 user comments

123.1.2011 20:47

This is pathetic. Now how long will it take till Galaxy S owners get 2.3? If they wanted to, they could have it out in less than a week. Even if they have to put their stupid UI on top of Android. This is why I was dissapointed with the Nexus S. The hardware wasn't really any of improvement over the Nexus One, but at least you don't have to deal with Samsung and Carriers to get the latest update, or have their bloatware(bing) installed.

224.1.2011 05:00

Not too sure what the problem is here. I'm assuming its US specific as I updated to 2.2 on mine a couple of months ago. (I'm on Vodafone uk).

Just re-read the article and it does say US carriers. Still not sure why its a problem though.

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324.1.2011 15:14

Yeah, yeah, I am not getting my hopes up for my Vibrant, this has effected the odds of me ever getting another Samsung phone. My Droid X has had 2.2 forever, but not my Vibrant, I will now keep checking the manual update though for the next 30 days and hope it does finally get the update. A more coordinated effort with operating systems would go a long way in talking smack about Apple.

425.1.2011 21:54

Guys, it's all about data traffic. US carriers worry how they can handle it, as soon we upgrade to Froyo hundreds of application (Skype for my needs personally) will hit the cellular air. They looking the way to put restriction for users or at least to make option to get extra subscription, like "upgrade to full version of app" for couple buks a month. Slaker radio etc. good example, as more I use it on my Galaxy S Vibrant, more interruption and notice for upgrade $3/ month i got. Don't expect free android market..

526.1.2011 19:17
Unverified new user

ok i just left a comment on I think every epic user needs to tell sprint how mad they are. HEre is the website :
GO ahead leave ur comment. I myself am not happy. Last thing they said to us was that it was coming soon. A MONTH IS NOT COMING SOON SPRINT!!!!!

627.1.2011 19:36

Today I called AT&T to get the reason that the captivate was not up graded..After being sent to a second supervisor I got my answer when we are getting the Froyo upgrade.
The AT&T supervisor actually call Samsung, and we had a conference call ..The Samsung guy who spoke some what good English said (we do not have the upgrade ready yet!)
I said that this was getting to be an old store and I wanted some action or to talk to his supervisor..His reaction was we are sorry but we don't know when it will be ready!
So after that guy hung up I asked the AT&T lady if she would please let the upper management know what just was said and that the customers are getting mad at AT&T not Samsung..She said she recorded the call and would pass it on...
Will everyone>> if more of us makes this callto AT&T someone will hear us ..Lets hope

728.1.2011 08:51


That is ridiculous as the Roger's version of the Captivate (in Canada) , which is identical to the at&t version has had the upgrade available since early this month.

828.1.2011 08:58

In fact after a quick search all Galaxy S phones in Canada have the update available, the Telus Fascinate (which is the same as in the states) and Bell Vibrant (which is not the same as the US version have had the official update available since Christmas eve.

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