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26 percent of apps used only once

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 01 Feb 2011 6:32 User comments (1)

26 percent of apps used only once

Localytics has posted an interesting figure today, stating that 26 percent of mobile apps are used only once, before being uninstalled or just left unused on owner's devices.
The site studied the hundred of thousands of apps used by iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 users by using "its real-time app analytics service."

On a quarterly basis, the Q1 saw 22 percent of apps discarded after one use, the Q2 and Q3 saw 26 percent, and the Q4 saw a bump to 28 percent, although owners may still find time in 2011 to use those apps downloaded in late 2010.

Using the service, Localytics was able to see the first time a new app customer actually used an app, and whether there was any follow through later in the year.

There are currently over 300,000 iOS apps and around 200,000 Android Market apps.

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1 user comment

13.2.2011 23:34

half of them don't even work, they are just text in a box and you pay 1.19 for it.

Remember the Appstore does take refunds within a certain time limit i think 72 hours, i got one the other day a emergency location app that located myself 10 miles in a different direction as the app worked off towers not GPS location so if i was in a real emergency i would screwed if i had to rely on that app.

Seriously the Appstore needs to be cleaned up bad as a lot of the software is useless more then a windows computer trying to function.

Apple don't care they are still making money lol

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