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Viacom content returning to Hulu

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 03 Feb 2011 3:03 User comments (3)

Viacom content returning to Hulu Viacom has announced they have signed a new deal with Hulu which will return content to the video streaming platform.
Last March, Viacom pulled popular TV shows like 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report" after a scuffle with Hulu over financial terms.

Today's new deal will give access to Comedy Central, MTV and BET content.

The Daily Show and Colbert Report will stream for free (with ads), the day after they air on TV, but other shows, like 'The Jersey Shore' will only be available to Hulu Plus subscribers.

Hulu Plus costs $8 per month. Most of Viacom's shows will stream with a 21-day delay, but back catalogs will be readily available.

Says Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman (via WSJ):

We didn't feel the revenue model was appropriate at that time. We're going to be getting both ad revenues and subscription fees. That's the kind of model that has worked well in the traditional universe, and one that we think is a positive trend in broadband.

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3 user comments

13.2.2011 08:45

so glad the daily show is back on and lets all be happy that the The Jersey Shore will only be available to those who pay for plus .. snookie and her crew are not the role models anyone wants for their kids anyway.... Comedy Central, MTV and BET will be great for that moment distraction needed while waiting for the next meeting or bus or plane ... off your phone tablet or computer.... thank you Hulu ...

23.2.2011 11:49

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$=:)4 MEGA CORPS.

34.2.2011 01:42

Oh great, I can watch the daily show on my phone...oh wait, they blocked android.

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