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Google, Sony, TiVo and more form AllVid Tech Company Alliance

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 20 Feb 2011 2:40

Google, Sony, TiVo and more form AllVid Tech Company Alliance Google, Sony, TiVo, Mitsubishi, Best Buy, NagraVision and SageTV have announced this week that will form the AllVid Tech Company Alliance, supporting the FCC's AllVid proposal.
AllVid, Time explains, is a "device that would act as a "gateway" adapter allowing all types of pay TV content - whether it's cable or satellite TV, internet TV or IPTV - to be viewable on the same device, without new technology forcing consumers to have to upgrade their equipment."

FCC officials made the proposal last year and it was immediately shunned by the cable companies and the Motion Picture Association of America, which says AllVid does not provide enough protection against unauthorized movies and content, and may promote piracy.

The AllVid Tech Company Alliance says AllVid is "essential... to break down the wall separating the home network from [multichannel video programming distributor] networks -- not just poke a few holes in it." The proposal "will best enable innovation and new product entry across consumer electronics and computer platforms as the television platform has fallen behind other products and services in offering consumers the seamless and intuitive interface they now expect from other 'smart' connected products."

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