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Windows Phone 7 smartphone prices will drop 'fast,' says Nokia CEO

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Feb 2011 1:48 User comments (5)

Windows Phone 7 smartphone prices will drop 'fast,' says Nokia CEO Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has said this week that smartphones running Windows Phone 7 will see their prices fall "very fast."
Microsoft and Nokia recently made a deal to have WP7 available on Nokia smartphones into the future and a key point in Nokia picking Microsoft was that they could bring prices down to "a very low price point."

Elop says: "We have become convinced that we can do that very quickly."

Microsoft will open its platform to other chipsets suppliers outside of Qualcomm, which should help reduce prices.

As a sign of support, Elop (a former Microsoft exec) sold all of his remaining Microsoft shares and used the proceeds to buy 150,000 shares of Nokia.

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5 user comments

122.2.2011 10:45

Bullshit. 3 years after release an XV6800 was still going for $500 new without a contract even though it cost less than $50 to manufacture.

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222.2.2011 13:53

Yeah, prices will drop, probably about as fast as their share price and device sales drop too...


322.2.2011 16:32

Ummm.......hello Afterdawn!!!

Where's the cutting edge news stating that Windows 7 SP1 is NOW AVAILABLE!

Thanks to Engadget for this one.

422.2.2011 21:34

Tried it on my HD2. Not as bad as I thought but still pretty meh.
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523.2.2011 13:22

The prices probably dropped when MS dropped the ball and turned phones into nice shiney bricks... lmfao.

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