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FileSoup torrent admins walk free after prosecution drops case

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 26 Feb 2011 3:36 User comments (3)

FileSoup torrent admins walk free after prosecution drops case FileSoup admins ‘TheGeeker’ and ‘Snookered’ are now free, after the prosecution in their file-sharing case dropped the charges.
The site was founded in 2003 in the UK, and remains one of the longest standing torrent communities. With the decision, it is now the second time UK-based torrent site admins have walked free, following the case of OiNK owner Alan Ellis last year.

In 2009, UK authorities and the anti-piracy outfit Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) raided the homes of the admins, and both were eventually arrested.

The following summer, both were charged with conspiracy to infringe copyright.

Just like in the Ellis case, the evidence was collected only by FACT, with the police not carrying out any independent investigations. The solicitors for the new case were the same from the OiNK trial and they brought up the lack of independent investigation to the Court, which agreed with them on at least two issues.

TorrentFreak says those issues were "whether to prosecute FileSoup as a business or not and whether the copyright holder had caused prejudice."

Because those questions could not be answered the prosecution decided to drop the criminal case. There may be a civil suit coming, however.

FACT is said to have spent almost 50,000 pounds on the case.

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3 user comments

126.2.2011 16:33

Even though the site has torrent on their site doesn't mean those two posted all torrents file on the internet. They should really go after people uploading them not a company that supports torrent.

227.2.2011 16:28

Here's hoping those goons always fall flat on their face here.

I'll believe they are serious about going after those who "facillitate" this so-called theft the day they show

- (a) how making a copy is actually stealing anything tangible

- (b) when they go after Google who do exactly the same thing

- (c) how in the UK this does anything illegal and allows BBC licence payers & Sky movie subscribers to get anything they are not already paying for and

- (d) when they sue Sony et al for a few billion for the burners & blank media they all make for software back-ups (yeah right).

328.2.2011 08:55

Goodness, what a F up..what with the lawyers going bust, false letters being sent out and now throwing out a case against a site that has torrents on. If i where the copy right holders i would be kicking arse over this. If you think your copyright is breached and you go to the muppets at FAST ( there to help you and this happens) they would be removed from my speed dial and any monies they charge would be stopped..Not sure what happens next, i mean no one says the UK haven for torrent sites..

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