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JD Power: Verizon once again tops U.S. call quality study

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 07 Mar 2011 0:30 User comments (3)

JD Power: Verizon once again tops U.S. call quality study JD Power's latest call quality study has been released this week and unsurprisingly Verizon once again tops the list, for the 13th straight time.
The carrier had the best call quality in the northeast, southeast, southwest and west and tied with AT&T in the mid-atlantic.

In the north central, US Cellular held its annual lead.

The rest of the major carriers were mostly mixed bags, but T-Mobile and AT&T had some terrible scores in some regions. Sprint remained in the middle for all regions.

T-Mobile was by far the worst in the northeast while AT&T took home the lowest score of the study for its showing in the west, anchored by infamously bad coverage in San Francisco.

Interestingly, the company says smartphone users and frequent texters encountered more problems than average, around 13 out of every 100, while average users had 11 problems.

View the rest of the ratings here:

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3 user comments

17.3.2011 0:39

The numbers for the southeast seem to be correct...or at least the order is correct...if AT&T got 3 stars and sprint got 4 stars, then Verizon should have gotten 8-9 stars.

27.3.2011 9:23

That is pretty amazing for verizon to have the least amount of dropped calls and call quality when you take into consideration what their huge broadband network (3G). None of the others can say they have such an area covered with 3G but they brag about being faster with data. Funny they dont mention how limited their coverage remains.

I know i let my iphone go about a year ago b/c we had no 3G at the time in my small city of 20,000 population. Also recently saw a coworker get rid of her iphone (ATT) bc edge isnot sufficient to run all the apps and other stuff. Another lady c/o about her iphone not having 3G and dropping so many calls a few days back. I overhead a cashier at the local mall saying her sisters iphone (ATT) dropped 3 calls while she was calling for help, 911, after her son was injured in a car accident, oh... and she did have 3G coverage but just a crappy network (ATT).

Most of these networks are overloaded running at higher than should be capicities of cellphones and it doesnot help when your data and calls are on the same network. Plus for browsing net and talking at the same time and a minus for making calls.

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37.3.2011 11:24

I'm in the Southeast. T-Mobile doesn't have the coverage of Verizon but works well almost everywhere I travel with my iPhone.

If Verizon wasn't so harsh with their smartphone plans then I would consider them, but I'm not one to pay $100 per month for minimal services.

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