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Reuters: Apple sold about 1 million iPad 2 this weekend

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Mar 2011 14:25 User comments (3)

Reuters: Apple sold about 1 million iPad 2 this weekend A number of analysts have posted their expected results for the launch weekend of the iPad 2 tablet.
The consensus? About 1 million units sold.

Last year, it took the iPad 28 days to surpass the 1 million milestone.

Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry says he expects nearly a million sales, and that 100 percent of all iPad 2 buyers are the owners of at least one Apple product.

60 percent are existing iPad owners and the rest are first-time buyers. Some were or are current Kindle/e-reader owners.

The analyst also says AT&T's iPad 2 is selling better than Verizon's, due to better customer service.

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3 user comments

114.3.2011 15:56

Again Trip Chowdhry BS !?

VIDEO: iPad 2 jailbroken:

Jailbreak Warning Spotted in Some Apps for iPad, Should you Panic?
Answer: NO !!!

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Live Free or Die.
The rule above all the rules is: Survive !
Capitalism: Funnel most of the $$$ to the already rich.

214.3.2011 20:06

overpriced junk

314.3.2011 21:39

LoL...he expects 1 milling sales...but he also expects that no one who has tried anything else would ever buy it.

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