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The iPhone still can't figure out daylight savings time

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Mar 2011 13:41 User comments (14)

The iPhone still can't figure out daylight savings time Once again, the iPhone has managed to mess up daylight savings time, frustrating smartphone owners.
The smartphone sent time back one hour instead of "springing" it forward one hour, leaving iPhone owners two hours behind.

Last fall, when the phones were supposed to "fall" an hour back, they didn't.

Problems were cited in North America, Europe and Australia.

Earlier this year iPhone owners said their phone alarm clocks stopped working following the New Year.

For now, the fix is simple. Turn on "airplane mode" for a second and then turn it back off.

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14 user comments

114.3.2011 14:38

I have an iPhone 4 with 4.2.1 iOS and the DST functions worked perfectly last fall and this week. Not sure why people are having problems?

214.3.2011 15:37

Oh boy! More BS iPhone slam articles...when very few people appear to have been supposedly affected and still for unknown reasons. Nevermind Android users who had DST update issues as well, huh?

314.3.2011 15:55

Anyone stop to think...

...that this was not an Apple issue? Perhaps a carrier issue? Why do I say this, you ask?

When I woke up yesterday and saw that my iPhone didn't "spring forward" I immediately assumed it was an iOS issue. Logged on to some forums, did some searching, made some posts.

Called my sister. Because my sister (in MA) and I (in SC) both have a Verizon iPhone, both with 4.2.6. Her's updated, mine did not. I decided to turn off automatic updating, which, when I did so, the time magically corrected itself (the part Apple controls). When I turned automatic updating back on (set from the tower)? Time reverted back. Oh, and my wife's phone (just a "feature" phone)? Also did not "spring forward." Since that is a Samsung Intensity, hard for that to be an Apple issue, too, no?

Anyway, I called Verizon, and they confirmed that my area had this as a known issue at the towers, and it was currently being worked as a Level 1 Priority.

So let's all not just hop on the easy bandwagon of "Apple's fault" on this one...

414.3.2011 16:00

My iPhone 4 in NH changed time correctly and on-time. There were no issues. Period.

514.3.2011 16:56

the time on my iphone 4 changed just like it was supposed to. did the same last time change. same thing with my fiance's iphone 4 and her brother and parents' iphone 3gs. sounds like rubish.

614.3.2011 17:54
Unverified new user

For some reason this "fix" still doesn't work for me

714.3.2011 21:01

it's time to stop calling this a smartphone from now on

814.3.2011 21:35

My droid updated just fine, on verizon.

915.3.2011 2:18

Originally posted by xaznboitx:
it's time to stop calling this a smartphone from now on
How about just iCrap !
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Live Free or Die.
The rule above all the rules is: Survive !
Capitalism: Funnel most of the $$$ to the already rich.

1015.3.2011 2:50

havent met anyone with this problem?

True thug Afterdawn memeber since 05! Shout out to all those old school member still in the ranks of Newbie! Represent!

1115.3.2011 3:39

um it can its because George bush extended it on both ends ... well for the people who live on the west coast thats what screwed it up and apple has not adjusted the software fore it if all you have to do is sync it up with itunes

1215.3.2011 14:02

No problem with my phone v4.3, Cali, AT&T.

1315.3.2011 18:31
Unverified new user

I had no problems with my iPhone

1416.3.2011 12:25
Unverified new user

No problems here Iphone wiorked like a charm this year and last.

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