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Sony building VAIO laptop with Chrome OS and Hybrid PC'

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 20 Mar 2011 18:23 User comments (7)

Sony building VAIO laptop with Chrome OS and Hybrid PC' Sony Insider is reporting today that Sony is creating a Chrome OS notebook, as well as a "VAIO Hybrid PC."
The Chrome OS notebook will look similar to Google's own Cr-48, but smaller with an 11.6-inch screen. The Cr-48 has a 12.1-inch screen.

Promising different specs than the Cr-48, the upcoming Sony laptop will have a Tegra 2, 1GB RAM and a 16GB SSD. The device will weigh 2.2 pounds and provide 8 hours of battery life, around an hour less than the Cr-48.

The Hybrid PC will feature a Core i7 processor, offer outstanding 15 hour battery life, include Intel Thunderbolt, and a large internal SSD.

Additionally, the hybrid will "plug into a dock of some sort that adds a Blu-ray burner and external graphics (by AMD) for gaming and multimedia," says the site.

There are no pictures or word on pricing, but both devices sound interesting.

(pic via engadget)

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7 user comments

120.3.2011 19:13

hmmm not bad

220.3.2011 20:38

By hybrid do they mean Windows/Chrome OS?

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320.3.2011 23:50

Unfortunately for Sony, "it's a Sony". People are waking up to the fact the company is ethically bankrupt. Don't reward Sony's repeated abuse of consumer rights, there are plenty of good alternatives, vote with your feet and boycott Sony.


421.3.2011 1:00

An alternate (or "Other") OS...on a Sony dumb do they think we are?

521.3.2011 1:10

Yeah, just wait for them to disable it and delete all your data in the process, then sue you for attempting to get the functionality back.

I'm having the worst case of dejavu ever right now...


621.3.2011 3:25

great to hear about this news


721.3.2011 4:46

Originally posted by morean51:
great to hear about this news
What news? That sony thinks that most people are brainless morons, or that most people actually are brainless morons? Neither of those things qualify as news.

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