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PSP beats out 3DS for weekly sales in Japan

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 03 Apr 2011 1:39 User comments (6)

PSP beats out 3DS for weekly sales in Japan The Nintendo 3DS launched in Japan in late February and held the top spot for sales, easily, for the first three weeks.
VG24 has reported this week, however, that for the week ended March 27th, the PSP has taken the top spot, following the launch Final Fantasy IV Complete.

The PSP (Go and 3000) combined for 51,095 unit sales while the 3DS saw 50,710.

Sony's victory this week looks like a clear anomaly as year-to-date (YTD) figures have the 3DS at 792,954 to the PSP's 584,585. The 3DS has only been out for a month.

Final Fantasy IV Complete was the major factor behind the sales, as the game moved 104,000 copies, tripling up on the next best-selling game, Dynasty Warriors 7.

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6 user comments

13.4.2011 1:42

Japanese really like their sony :)

23.4.2011 2:13

They do love their RPG grind fest games over there.

33.4.2011 4:22

Didnt Japan just have an earthquake?

True thug Afterdawn memeber since 05! Shout out to all those old school member still in the ranks of Newbie! Represent!

43.4.2011 10:11

I wonder if JP 3ds has the screen of death

53.4.2011 13:52

Originally posted by biglo30:
Japanese really like their sony :)

And Nintendo! that is Jap too.
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63.4.2011 22:44

The PSP is cheaper...and a lot of people in japan are buying systems that they only intend to use for a short time, while the rolling blackouts are in effect.

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