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Government to release terror alerts via social networking sites?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 08 Apr 2011 1:27 User comments (2)

Government to release terror alerts via social networking sites? The U.S. government is said to be considering using social networking sites as a way to release terror alerts and other relevant info from the Department of Homeland Security.
Additionally, the 5-level system will be removed and replaced with just two; elevated and imminent.

Each level will have an "expiration date," and will be removed after that date or extended if extra caution is still required.

The new system should begin at the end of this month.

Says the AP:

According to the draft plan, before an official alert is issued, there is a multi-step process that must be followed, starting with intelligence sharing among multiple federal, state and local agencies, including the FBI, the National Counterterrorism Center and the White House. If the threat is considered serious enough, a Homeland Security official will call for a meeting of a special counterterrorism advisory board. That board would be expected to meet within 30 minutes of being called. If it's decided an alert is necessary, it would need to be issued within two hours."

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2 user comments

19.4.2011 21:55

"Terror and Fear now coming to a social networking site near you"

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215.4.2011 13:26

What the hell. The terror level isn't the same as a tornado warning. I love how the government is continuously showing how retarded and ignorant they are.

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