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YouTube turns six - three billion video views per day

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 May 2011 18:21 User comments (2)

YouTube turns six - three billion video views per day YouTube has just turned six years old, and has more milestones to report to the world on its relentless growth.
Founded in 2005, YouTube's ease of use and potential has attracted hundreds of millions of people to the service. The idea that a video in almost any format could be uploaded by the user, and then converted and provided on its own YouTube page (and could be embedded anywhere else) attracted drones of people to the service.

That growth only seems to accelerate for YouTube, which is now reporting that over 48 hours of video is uploaded to the site every single minute. So in just one minute, two whole days of video content has been added to YouTube's incredibly vast digital vaults.

To compare that to last year, it represents a 100% increase in the amount of content being uploaded at any given time.

All of that content needs viewers to have any purpose on the video sharing giant, and YouTube is now reporting that it delivers 3 billion video views every single day.

Now YouTube is challenging its users to keep up the momentum , so that it can one day in the near future reach 72 hours of video footage per minute, and 4 billion daily views. To help this, the service is constantly making improvements to aid content creators and to provide its service on as many platforms as possible.

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2 user comments

125.5.2011 21:34

Speed ​​is not everything, reliability is equally important.

226.5.2011 10:03

Originally posted by Laura999:
Speed ​​is not everything, reliability is equally important.

What the HELL does this comment have to do with anything about this article??

I would love to know how much storage space YouTube has collectively though as that would be an interesting fact.

------I'm guessing a little more than my 2.7Tb :)

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