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Microsoft expected to launch branded tablets next year

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 10 Jun 2011 18:49 User comments (6)

Microsoft expected to launch branded tablets next year According to a Digitimes report, Microsoft may be releasing its own branded Windows 8 tablet next year.
Says the report:

Xbox 360 is currently the only own-brand product line that Microsoft has achieved success [with], while Zune media player, Kin smartphone and own-brand TVs all had unsatisfactory performance. However, Microsoft is still considering to launch an own-brand tablet PC and is proceeding on a low profile.

Microsoft began selling branded Tablet PCs 12 years ago, but the market was not ready and sales were light.

With the creation of Windows 8 however, Microsoft is building an operating system that works for desktops, but has many features optimized for tablets, which have exploded in popularity since the launch of the Apple iPad.

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6 user comments

110.6.2011 20:59

i don't know how to launch it so i can use the paint tools :(

210.6.2011 23:09

Windows 8 certainly will be a boon for tablets...once laptops stop using Windows 7, no one will buy them anymore.

311.6.2011 12:11

It's all about mobility, and people more than ever are absorbing what's new and fresh in this world. While I applaud them for taking this step, i ponder if its too little too late for these guys. I don't think "keeping a low profile" makes a lot of sense since Apple wants to keep things "big and loud" these days. In order to succeed, you have to make yourself stand out above the rest, do something that while it grabs attention, it has to be something above and unexpected, and I don't know if these guys are willing to take that bait just yet, but who knows, only time will tell what will happen next. - BLUEBOY

Chance prepares the favored mind. Look up once in a while and you might learn something. - BLUEBOY

411.6.2011 18:37

And in other news, Microsoft expected to drop support for branded tablets the following year.


512.6.2011 8:25

iPad killer......... D.O.A.

613.6.2011 4:34

Apple was once behind the market, and no one wanted to know them.
Lets hope Microsoft has cleaned out the Old top management, and has brought in some young guns. Microsoft has the distribution, the factories, all they need is the right product. The right product is of coarse, light on its feet, and able to think fast.. i know it does sound difficult for a windows O/S to do. hahahaha
and if we buy it, and it fails, we can always recycle it for cash, to cash-A-phone

As one of the first people in the mobile phone industry, in Australia, i have seen mobile and sold mobile phones from $5000 to now. "would you like a phone with your fries", sir?
and now pushing the message "Its Pays to Recycle" @

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