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AT&T finally starts offering standard insurance for iPhones

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Jul 2011 1:52 User comments (3)

AT&T finally starts offering standard insurance for iPhones AT&T has noted today that it will finally offer standard insurance for all iPhone models under their Mobile Insurance Program.
Beginning on July 17th, the popular Apple smartphones will be eligible, at $5 a month.

The carrier's standard insurance program offers protection against loss, theft, physical/liquid damage and mechanical/electrical failure.

iPhone 3GS or earlier will have a $50 deductible per claim while the iPhone 4 will have a $125 deductible, standard for smartphones.

One caveat: "Customers can only enroll within 30 days of a new activation or upgrade, prior activations or upgrades outside of 30 days are not eligible."

Until now, you had to pay a ridiculous $12 per month and $200 deductible for iPhone insurance through a third-party supported by AT&T.

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3 user comments

15.7.2011 11:41

So I can't get insurance on my iphone. I mean I guess it's reasonable since I've used it for years. But I'd still like something back.

25.7.2011 18:17

Some of these insurance plans seem to be ridiculous to begin with. In that I really refuse to believe that some of these phones actually cost as much as they lead us to believe they do. If this were true then we should all have the benefits of packing around a Tag Heuer like in this article Link... Otherwise, we're being bilked for money in another bait & switch program (of sorts).

36.7.2011 16:27

Phone insurance is ghetto and ANYONE that is stupid enough to actually pay for insurance EVER ON ANY PHONE ANYWHERE gets what they deserve. Used to be 3.99/month and 35/50 dollar deductible. Known fact that insurance is only used 25% of the time.........just like warranties. What a jip.

Say no to insurance and don't be ghetto.

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