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Is 30,000 apps for Windows Phone 7 a big deal?

Written by Rich Fiscus @ 31 Aug 2011 11:53 User comments (11)

Is 30,000 apps for Windows Phone 7 a big deal? The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has, according to one unofficial source, reached 30,000 apps.
To put the number in perspective, there are close to 500,000 iPhone apps available in the iTunes store and Android Market boasts more than 200,000 apps. Of course between them they also serve nearly two thirds of the global smartphone market.

According to Windows Phone Applist, who track various statistics about Windows Phone development, there are currently just over 30,000 apps in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

windows phone 7 applications

The site also tracks the number of approved Windows Phone developers. Based on those figures, the influx of WebOS developers Microsoft is hoping for hasn't happened yet.

windows phone 7 applications

If Windows Phone is going to become a serious contender to be a third major player in the smartphone market, the next several months will be critical. Microsoft is counting on the upcoming Mango Update to Windows Phone and their partnership with Nokia to provide a sales boost.

There is a fair degree of uncertainty and lots of room for growth left in the smartphone market. Smartphone sales are increasing while former market giants are losing their share.

Nokia has been one of the biggest casualties, eventually leading to their alliance with Microsoft.

The question is whether Microsoft and their vendors can make a case there's an advantage to choosing an option other than Android or iPhone. Hopefully they have something stronger to open with than 30,000 apps.

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11 user comments

131.8.2011 12:21
Unverified new user

Really? 30,000 apps isn't enough for you? I maybe use 25 apps total... 30,000 seems plenty to pick from without getting too lost in an overwhelming number of crap apps.

231.8.2011 12:35
Unverified new user

Android is a joke for most average folks. The battery doesn't last long because it's a true desktop OS that was ported to a mobile platform so there's always tons of processes running in the background consuming CPU cycles which eats up the battery. Also the platform itself has some stability questions, as do the apps.
Without a doubt, WP7 Mango, and next WP7 Apollo are MUCH better options for an average consumer. Much easier to use, much more reliable, and the battery lasts longer.
Look how far WP has come in less than 1 year! Imagine how good it's going to be in another year from now!

331.8.2011 12:43

Originally posted by Myker:
Really? 30,000 apps isn't enough for you? I maybe use 25 apps total... 30,000 seems plenty to pick from without getting too lost in an overwhelming number of crap apps.
hiya Myker, precisely.

there is an app for that = app-spam.

so many people crank out as many apps as they can, hopin to cash in on the app gold-rush...and impulsive people end up with heaps of trivial novelty apps on their phones.

431.8.2011 12:43

I charge my HD2 with Android every night, but it lasts a good two days anyways.

531.8.2011 13:47

I honestly think that WP7 isnt a bad OS and that IF i ever got a smartphone I think I would get a WP7. That being said, just because I like it doesn't the sheep like masses will...

Carpe Noctem

631.8.2011 17:51
Unverified new user

apps on Windows Phone are factually growing at the faster rate than Androids app market did. Windows Phone reached 30k app milestone way before Android did. The Mango update is stellar, it really makes Windows Phone great, because first it brings everything that was missing, second it simplified and shortened steps for everything that already was there, and third it actually brought some features that neither iPhone or Android has. For Q4 it will unquestionably be able to hold best mobile OS title against iOS5 and Android latest updates. Now it’s up to phone makers and carriers to bring it to market this holyday season. But regardless Nokia is one who will really show Windows Phone to masses.

731.8.2011 20:09

Depends. On how many of them are actually quality apps. All I see on the hundreds of thousands of Apps on iTunes is tens of thousands of apps that do the same thing like make fart noises or trick your friends into thinking you have some sort of advanced security on your iPhone.

Quality over Quantity any day.

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" ~ Roy Trenneman

831.8.2011 21:18

I still love WP7 OS when I tried it out, but the hardware and lack of choice per carrier were horrible. Microsoft keeps trying to make a comeback, CES, MWC 2011, but they fail every time. By mid next-year, if they don't release good enough hardware to compete with awesome android phones, there’s no chance in hell this will succeed and MS has spent we'll over half a billion in just the first year. The GSII lookalike will have me sold, IF they bring it to both Bell and Telus. Hopefully not like last year, were the only good WP7 in Canada (Samsung Focus) went to the most expensive carrier (Rogers).

931.8.2011 22:04

I got a WP7 because the HD7 had the largest screen size T-mobile offered at the time. My main complaints with WP7 will be solved with Mango other than that its a solid OS.

101.9.2011 07:38
Unverified new user

Looking through the iOS App Store you realise that quite a lot of the apps are very similar, and are normally of a poor quality. This can also be said for the Android Marketplace.

Microsoft having 30,000 apps is an amazing achievement. The marketplace has a variety of brilliantly programmed applications and games.

111.9.2011 11:43

All of these give me headaches. crApple, OShit and the rest are all toys.
Get me a 1983 motorola Dyna TAC 8000X; 785g; 300 X 44 X 89 mm; LED display; with a 6inch aerial AND I'M DONE :D.

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