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US sales of 3DS jump more than 200 percent after price drop

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 09 Sep 2011 9:13 User comments (3)

US sales of 3DS jump more than 200 percent after price drop Sales of the Nintendo 3DS are up 260% in the US following a mid-August price cut.
This mirrors a similar trend in Japan, where a similar price drop resulted in the second best week ever for 3DS sales.

Unfortunately for Nintendo, sales don't necessarily translate to profits, and it appears the new price means losing money on every 3DS sold. That likely explains the rumored redesign for the handheld next year, which could be announced as soon as next week.

The 3DS was always a risky proposition for Nintendo, who has long ruled the handheld market despite often competing with systems boasting significantly better hardware. The DS platform has historically even been able to successfully compete with standard consoles, including the XBox 360, PS3, and even the wildly successful Wii.

One of the reasons for all that success was a competitive price, an advantage the 3DS didn't share when it launched.

With smartphones and similar devices increasingly looking like serious competitors in the mobile gaming space, it's more important than ever for the Nintendo's handheld to maintain competitive.

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3 user comments

19.9.2011 10:36

If there's going to be a smaller 3ds, I might wait for that one since it might have another price drop :) I have enough money now to get one but I'll just wait unless they allow us to download free games again :)

217.9.2011 21:52

so many rumours about the 3ds out there atm...
I like the one about them dropping the 3d feature, lol
how bout the one about an extra joystick?

straight up, im bought a 3ds near launch, so if they drop the 3d element, expect lawsuits, and i'll join them too.
i dont think they'll redesign the 3ds without thinking of some sort of addon to help the first 3ds buyers....
not to mention the mass amounts of consoles sold since the price drop, i dont think they're going to dump this design yet.....

A smaller console is also going to be worse if they do, i get hand cramps from how small it is already, i can imagine the sore fingers from smaller ones, lol

If it's broken..... fix it or .... nah just fix it.

318.9.2011 2:43

if they do drop it, don't bother calling it 3ds no more.

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