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Intel's Core i7-2700K overclocked to 5GHz with just air cooling

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Oct 2011 15:13 User comments (5)

Intel's Core i7-2700K overclocked to 5GHz with just air cooling Although it won't hit retailers until later this year, the Intel Core i7-2700K processor has already been overclocked to 5GHz, with just air cooling.
The processor used in the experiment was an engineering sample chip used by Intel's partners.

To overclock to such an extreme, the vCore of the CPU was pushed to 1.384V while its multiplier and BCLK clock were set at 50x and 100MHz, respectively, says Soft.

The upcoming Core i7-2700K was built by Intel to replace the flagship Sandy Bridge 2600K.

At its base, the new CPU will have a clock speed of 3.5GHz.

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5 user comments

16.10.2011 20:18


26.10.2011 21:31

now thats amazing

37.10.2011 1:29

They dropped the bus clock to 100MHZ? In spite of the GHZ of the processor, that system is probably still very slow.

47.10.2011 7:08

Be interesting to learn what the final cache will be. Unless it is massive, it is doubtful that the likely hefty price-point will justify upgrading from a current 2500k or 2600k. Both of which can easily hit 4.5GHz on air.

57.10.2011 9:17
Damien c
Unverified new user

Not really much improvement over the 2600K.

Personally I have ran a 2600K @ 4.8ghz on air using less volts than that, but had to sell that pc thanks to needing to repair my car.

I am now running a 2500K as all I do is gaming so no need for the 2600K again at the moment, and that is currently sat at 4.8ghz using 1.384v, on air and maxes out at 68c per core.

I have had 5.4ghz out of my 2500K but the voltage required meant the temps rocketed past the 75C per core mark, and at the moment I just dont want to get my watercooling setup sorted for this chip when Sandy Bridge E is just around the corner.

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