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Blockbuster Express adds $3 new releases, doubles price on many other titles

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 07 Nov 2011 13:07 User comments (2)

Blockbuster Express adds $3 new releases, doubles price on many other titles Blockbuster Express is rolling out new pricing for their disc rental kiosks, hiking prices from $1 to $2 for so-called "Hot Movies."
Hot Movies are major releases which have been out for between 29 and 90 days. The price for keeping a disc longer than 24 hours will remain at $1.

In addition, a program which has been in testing in a few markets, offering new releases on the same date they are released for sale, is expanding to all locations. New releases rent for $3 with an additional $1 per day after the first.

Under the new pricing scheme, which they are calling the 3-2-1 Plan, all prices will return to the flat $1 per night after 90 days.

It is understandable why Blockbuster Express would want to differentiate themselves from other rental outlets by offering new releases right away. But it's questionable how much much of an advantage that will be at such a high price.

In any case, it's unlikely to do anything to meet the studios' stated goal of selling more discs, which is the reasoning behind the ridiculous rental windows in the first place.

People aren't buying fewer discs because they can rent them at the same time. The record sales from a few years ago were due to a perfect storm of new technology (DVD) and increased availability.

Those aren't conditions you can reproduce at will. It is time for the studios to move on to the what consumers want to spend their money on now instead of continuing to live in the past.

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2 user comments

17.11.2011 19:55

I went to one of these kiosks a couple of months back and the rentals were already $3 each. didn't rent there and haven't visited any of them since.

24.12.2011 13:44

I agree, just like cassettes and VCRs, DVDs will soon be a thing of the past. With technology becoming increasingly internet and mobility focused, the movie rental industry will no longer have a need for the physical presence of stores or kiosks. Most people don?t know this but the Blockbuster Express kiosks are owned and operated by a different company than the movie-rental company that filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in 2010 and was purchased by DISH earlier this year. DISH has been working hard to make the two services more distinguishable and actually came out with a new service that will be easier to transition to a non-physical format while still taking advantage of its existing physical stores. This service is called the Blockbuster Movie Pass and I have it through my employee subscription to DISH. I love that I can get streaming videos, their disc by mail service with in-store exchanges, and 20 movie channels all for ten bucks a month. It has great value and I know it will be sticking around for quite a while since it isn?t dependant on the existence and use of DVDs.

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